How to Spend the Remaining Balance on Your Cash Gift Cards

aaron_image1Have you ever tried to use the last remaining balance of a cash gift card – only to have it rejected by the cashier during check-out? Or, you just have a few tiny amounts left on some leftover cash cards you got from your birthday?

Here's an easy way to get those balances off your card and to good use. I've written about this before – but thought I would repost for those of you who may have missed it.

Basically what you do is head on over to Amazon – and purchase one of their gift cards for yourself. Amazon allows customers to buy anywhere from $0.15 to $2,000 worth of gift card – in any amount they choose. Pretty slick deal. 

Once there, you're going to select an email gift card. Enter whatever balance is left on your card – and then put in your email address. Now, when you go to pay for the card, make sure you purchase it with the balance on your cash gift card (you'll need to do that with the “Add a card” link at the bottom of the check0ut screen.

When you're finished entering the information, just hit continue and the card will arrive in your inbox in minutes. Redeem the card – and you have now utilized your cash card!

(I also created a video to walk you through the process)

Turn those leftover cash gift cards into cash at Amazon!

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  1. I have a dept store gift card- the dept store went out of business- how do I utilize my $100 balance that was gift to me?

    • Hi Karen. It depends on the store. If this store has completely gone belly-up, you may not be able to redeem it. However, some will settle with you up to a certain time frame, but you’ll have to file a claim. I suggest reading more on this from

    • You got it!

  2. What a great idea! I have actually thrown away a couple cash gift cards over the years rather than try and get the last .44 cents off it. Not anymore.

    • Me too.

  3. Pretty slick. I Iike it!

    • Thanks Taynia.

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