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A couple weeks ago I went online to find some deals for my stepson as he was in need of some new winter clothes. Whenever I shop online, I often look in several different places to find online deals:

  • Social media (the company's Twitter, Facebook accounts)
  • Email newsletters (if I'm already signed up, I'll look through my email – if not, I'll sign-up to see if I qualify for any deals)
  • Google the store + “coupons”
  • Scan any deal websites
  • Sometimes I'll put an item in the shopping cart at the store and then leave it for a day or so (while not often – retailers will offer an incentive for you to finish your shopping)
  • Coupon code websites

Often, the place to get all the online coupon codes are sites like,, and another that has been around quite awhile called

You may recall its founder, Kyle James, who wrote about starting an online business on a shoestring budget earlier this year at TTG. He started after doing some online shopping and noticed the site had a promotional code box during checkout. In 2000 coupon codes were still a fairly unique thing and so his idea to list coupons on a website began. In 2003, became his full-time job.

I admire folks who are able to turn an idea into a profitable venture. Kyle's been doing this for over 10 years now – and he pretty much has the coupon code “game” down.

When I was doing my shopping for my son – I hit up him up for some specialty stores I couldn't seem to find deals on anywhere.

Hey Kyle – got any coupons for —–?

Within minutes, he emails back with a coupon code for a percentage off.

Great, thanks. How about for ——?

Another reply – and I'm on my way.

And so, while is a very easy-to-use website that houses hundreds of coupons for online retailers, lists the latest free shipping deals and allows users to create an account where they can get the latest coupon codes for their favorite retailer emailed to them – I think what the site really has going for it is the personal touch that only Kyle provides. I mean, the guy even lists his phone number on his About page!

So, I highly recommend to you as begin any online shopping you have. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Thanks for informing me about Kyle’s website. I just took a visit and there are a lot of good deals. I’ll add it to my favorites and make sure to stop by often so I won’t miss out on a great deal.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of Kyle’s site before I looked at it, simply because I’m not a big coupon user and we’re trying not to spend money if we don’t have to, but the info Kyle lists is WAY too valuable to pass up. The site is so thorough and can save you money on just about any purchase. Definitely a site I would recommend to anyone wanting to save some serious cash on their online purchases.

  3. Thanks guys for the great review! I look forward to hearing from you if you ever need help finding a coupon. I always encourage my users to contact me because I often find great coupons that the retailers don’t want me to post, but I can still share them via email!

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