My Favorite Posts From The Last 3 Years

charlie_imageSo in the three and a half years that Aaron and I have been writing for we've compiled a number of posts. 690 posts to be exact! In that time I've used the blog to stretch me personally, and hopefully help others along the way. Doing so wasn't always easy, but I can say that my personal finances are better for it.

In a way, the blog has become an accountability partner. A way for me to practice what I preach, and help my family save a few dollars along the way.

With that said, I decided to dig up my top 10 posts from the last few years. Enjoy! 

  1. How to Organize Your Coupons – not many guys are passionate about clipping coupons, but I went full throttle in the first month of TTG, and published this fun video on how I clip coupons.
  2. Ooma Phone Review 2013 – One Year Later – when I'd first consider using Ooma as my home phone service I worried a lot about the quality and reliability. In this post, I explain how great the experience has been and how the savings keep stacking up!
  3. 12 Money Saving Tips From The Great Depression – I'm a huge fan of studying the Great Depression, and in this post I encapsulated 12 tips I learned from my Grandparents and Great Uncle. It sheds some light on how privileged of a life we live now.
  4. How to Teach Kids About Saving Money – this little article helped remind me of all the things I'm daily doing for my kids to make sure they are wise stewards with their money after they leave the home.
  5. Remembering My Grandpa – The Great Depression Teacher – this is probably the only article I've ever written where I think I cried the whole time I wrote it. It was really hard to say goodbye to a man that had taught me so much.
  6. Best Ways To Save Money on Your Water Bill in 2013 – lots of people don't consider their water bill an area to trim down on. This article gives a few unknown tips to save on your monthly bill.
  7. Minimalism – How Owning Less Stuff Will Save You Money – I hate how my stuff weighs me down and there is always a cost associated with owning more stuff. I make a compelling case in this article to declutter your life and save money too.
  8. 10 Ways To Save Money On Fixed Expenses
  9. Watching Your Dad Go Through Bankruptcy – in most catastrophes there is a silver lining. In watching my dad go through bankruptcy I learned a lot from a man that kept his character and faith in Christ through the whole process.
  10. Google TisP Review – this April's fool joke was a hoot to write! My wife makes fun of how I laugh at my own jokes and I was cracking myself up when I wrote this one! :) haha

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  1. Wow! 3 years! I enjoy reading your articles all the time. I like them all but my favorites are #3, #5 and #10. Good job!

  2. You guys always have such poignant articles. I especially love the ones with your grandpa, Charlie. He was such a wise man. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. I think I still enjoyed the TISP Review the best..

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