Growing Money the Sustainable Way with Avacade Investments

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If you’re an investment pro looking for solid investment opportunities with great returns for your clients, consider partnering with Avacade Investments.  As an investment expert, your job is to match your clients with the investment plan and products that are best suited to your clients’ needs and wants.  You also need to be able to sleep at night.  What if you could align those goals by partnering your clients’ monies with an investment distribution company that focuses on investments with a conscience – investments that make a difference for the future by supporting companies that are environmentally and socially responsible?

With Avacade Investments, you can make that happen, and earn your clients exceptional returns at the same time.  Avacade Investments focuses on a broad range of socially and environmentally responsible investments.  Focusing on responsible forestry investing in countries like Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and Malaysia, Avacade Investments not only helps to make your clients money by meeting the heavy consumer demand for specially harvested woods such as Teak and Melina, they make sure they’re investing in forestry companies that are socially and environmentally responsible by choosing land that is currently not housing other forestry products to grow their trees.  Investors are also encouraged to become involved and encourage continued accountability by visiting the plantations and meeting the teams involved with managing them.  Forestry is the second largest traded commodity in the world after crude oil and the only commodity to have risen in three out of the four market crashes of the twentieth century. The UN predicts a 50% increase in the demand for wood by 2050, and political pressure and ethical responsibility can help to ensure that managed plantation wood forms a large part of this demand.

With natural resources depleting at an alarming rate, socially responsible sustainability is a core concept for Avacade Investments.  Also, by choosing moisture-rich climates for their plantations, and utilizing good management teams, losses to fire and disease are kept at bay, thereby minimizing your clients’ risk level.  By focusing on sustainable investing, Avacade Investments helps your clients earn the highest return-on-investment, and also earn that money in a way that benefits the earth for years to come.  And you, as an investment professional, are able to do good not only for your clients’ portfolio, but for their future as well.  How’s that for a win-win?

By encouraging your client base to invest with Avacade Investments, you’re encouraging them to not only look outside of the box for investment opportunities, you’re helping your client to learn more about how to combine their goal of increasing wealth while making a global difference for good at the same time.  You’ve then improved life for your client, and subsequently for yourself as well.

Make a decision today to team with Avacade Investments.  Not just for your clients’ sake, or just for your sake, but for the sake of a better, healthier future, for all of us.

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