Five Ways You’re Killing Your Chance At Getting A Promotion

You’ve been working at a company for a few years now, so it’s time you deserve a promotion right? Not entirely. If you’re wondering why you haven’t advanced in your career or why you keep getting overlooked for important projects, then the answer might lie in one of these five ways you’re killing your chances of a promotion.

You Are The Office Wallflower

Think about the last work party. Did you go? Did anyone even notice that you didn’t go? You might think that you are just there to do a job but what you don’t realize is how important your workplace interactions are to increasing chances of a promotion. Do you know how many business deals are done by having a round of golf? By no means do you need to be a social butterfly, but taking an interest in the people around you especially co-workers, managers and customers play a big part in your potential promotion. This means attending the office work party and no more eating lunch by yourself, working alone at your computer and making sure you contribute in meetings.

Are You A Negative Nancy?

Your boss doesn’t care that you don’t like the person you sit next to. They certainly don’t care about little things like the way the forks and knives get mixed up in the drawers and they definitely don’t care about who’s gossiping about who. They simply don’t want to hear it. You should only be going to your boss if it is a serious matter.

You Don’t Take Initiative

Many workplaces, especially in the creative and technological industries require a level of initiative to succeed. If you’re stepping behind the ball and letting someone else’s idea run the game, then it’s time to step up. Start thinking of ways to be more initiative and become an expert problem solver. This might mean you need to do some more reading and training in your industry. Other than this, you can offer your help or an idea when it comes to solving a company issue or increasing your level of responsibility by assisting in another department. The key phrase here is “What can I do to help?”

You’re Wearing A 10 Year Old Suit

Unless you work in a young and hip office where flip flops are the norm, chance are you have to dress professionally for your workplace. As silly as it sounds, not wearing the appropriate attire tells your bosses that you don’t take self-presentation (and yourself for that matter) very seriously. Ideally you should be upgrading your wardrobe every year (if it’s within your means of course), and for girls, no skirts above your upper thigh.

You Don’t Understand The Need For Self Promotion

Your work might be better than the rest of your office. It could even win a Nobel Prize, but if nobody knows about it, then it’s not going to help your reputation, salary or advancement opportunities. Make sure your manager knows about your achievements by giving them reports on your results comparing it to previous years. You could even give them a heads up about things you’ve done that aren’t included in your job title. Whether it’s a letter of thank from a difficult client, a problem that you’ve uncovered and fixed or a new idea that you’ve researched and would like to implement.
Getting promoted doesn’t happen overnight. Evaluate what you are currently doing in your job now that is hindering your chances and start to make changes today.

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