Walmart Family Mobile Review: Cheap Wireless Plan With No Contract – A Few More Details

charlie_imageSince I wrote the last review (#cbias) on the unlimited plans offered by Walmart Family Mobile, I've had a few more comments to make, and been asked a few questions. Lately, I've taken advantage of the unlimited data, and realized that Family Mobile is offering one of the most competitive lowest price rate plans around. Financially, it doesn't make sense to get locked into a long term contract, but to seriously look at what some of these other companies are offering (like Family Mobile,Virgin Mobile, and Consumer Cellular). 


In the past three weeks, I've really loved the base android applications, which includes the built in family mobile apps and other's I've downloaded.

  • Snapchat – recently my brother turned me onto using Snapchat (all the teenagers are using it!), which allows ya to send a quick 3-10 second video or pic. Makes for some fun quick chats!
  • S-translator – last night I was crying laughing using the S-translator! I used it to text prank my brother-in-law (who speaks Portuguese), and had a lot of fun with the app! Now I'm fluent in another language thanks to this app! :)
  • Skype – I hinted on my usage of Skype to keep in touch with family, but usage of Skype on the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera (13 megapixels) has been crystal clear over the cheap wireless plan of Family Mobile! Love it.
  • Visual Voicemail – love the built in feature of reading my voicemail! Great little app by Walmart Family Mobile! #FamilyMobileSaves


Family Mobile FeesHow are the taxes and fees?

One interesting question I was posed by a reader last time was the taxes and fees. From my last bill I paid, $3.11 for taxes, fees, and surcharges and $.97 for regulatory fees. So about $4.08 in total. Not too bad compared to AT&T and Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy S4How is the battery life?

I use the phone about 3-4 hours per day both for phone and data, and I get about 24-36 hours out of a full recharge. I recommend enabling the power saving function under the advanced features menu, and also uninstalling any unnecessary programs when you first get the phone. These two steps will help ensure you get the most usage out of your battery life.

Account Management How easy is the online account setup and usage?

The online account management has been extremely easy to use, and to pay my bills. Also, setup of automatic bill payment, reviewing usage from the past month, and setup reminders of “bill due” is pretty straight forward. Overall, an A+ on the design and usage of the Walmart Family Mobile site!

Finally, here are a few pictures of the phone, and the unboxing from when first got it!

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  1. I noticed you said you loved that it allows you to read your voicemails. I was wondering how you even see that you have voicemail, unless I dial my own phone number and then press one I cannot find any way to see that I have voicemails with the family mobile on my Galaxy S5. My old phone/plan had an app that had a number on it to lmk I had a voicemail….I cant be calling my phone every hour or so….this is 2019…do u have a suggestion? Thanks

  2. their strategy is cheating

  3. Glad to run across your reviews of the Walmart plan. Do you know if one can use their current phone with out having to purchase a new phone thru t-mobil? I have an HTC Inspire with service thru a nationally know company which is past my renewal date. My monthly bill is around $80/month which is way to much and was looking into the Walmart plan. You review was very helpful.

  4. @Laurie – the phone has been awesome!! I have had zero glitches with the actual phone! Solid.

    @Ruser – glad I could help! Thanks for commenting.

  5. Thanks for the update. I’m glad to see that there weren’t any surprise taxes or fees (and that the taxes and fees you did incur were reasonable).

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