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fund-adSince we started the Hebrews 13:16 Benevolent Fund earlier this year, our hope was that we could provide a few dollars to offset an urgent expense or to lend a helping hand to a reader who is going through a season of financial struggle. Little did we know how some of the stories that people have courageously shared would affect us and also how inadequate we would feel to meet those needs. Unfortunately, we just can’t offer assistance to everyone who asks.

One recent story really tugged at us emotionally and we’d like to share it anonymously in the hopes that you might feel moved as we did to help out. This is from a reader we’ll call Jill:

My husband & I have a large family and have struggled for the last 10 or more years. He pastored a small church, commuting an hour each way. His secular job, pretty much tanked with the economy. I  work from home. Together we make just enough to get by and no more. Anything that can get “put off” is put off for as long as possible.However,the accumulation of the things we have put off is taking a huge toll. For me this has meant no dental work in 15 years. Now, with 6 teeth needing attention the pain is nearly unbearable. I found a dental clinic which has a sliding fee scale. After x-rays they gave me a total for the work should I be able to get it done.When I saw the total I could not choke back the tears. Absolutely no way to get it done in time to save my teeth. Perhaps it is my pride knowing how I will look with several missing teeth, but more than that I know that once you have missing teeth you get bone loss making something like dental implants only possible if you have further surgery– if I could even afford that somewhere down the line. I am desperately sad on top of being in pain and just thinking about it weighs me down. Of course there is much more to our story.. and you can see how we have been slowly descending further and further into poverty. I want a chance of a better life.. to look as professional as possible… to keep some of my dignity. If you could help me save even one tooth (the one that shows the most) I could at least pull the others myself and find some relief. Total the dental work will cost $800. I am not sure how much one will cost. Currently I am trying to sell off some of my things that might be worth a small bit. Thank you humbly for your consideration.

If you are interested in helping Jill offset her $800 dental bill – please click on the donate button below. You’ll be sent to Paypal, where you can make an online donation. We’ll be accepting them until June 30. All proceeds will be given to Jill.


Thank you for your consideration – and for being a part of the Three Thrifty Guys community.

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  1. Becky says:

    I don’t mean to be cynical and I have already donated as much as our budget can afford. I truly hope and pray for the best for her family and that their financial problems can be resolved – I also know that some people are very good at writing heart-wringing stories that are no more than just stories. Therefore, I would feel more comfortable if the money went directly to the dental office to pay her bill than directly to her. It would also ensure that she places her needs first instead of being self-sacrificing, again, and using the money for different needs. Sometimes a mom’s needs should come first and I would hope that enough money could be raised to fix all of her teeth, not just the one.

    • Aaron says:

      @Becky – Totally understand your cynicism. We have done our diligence on our end and trust her story is legit. We generally don’t make a practice of soliciting for money on the site, but thought this one was worth bringing to the attention of our readers. We appreciate your response to Jill and others too.

      • Aaron says:

        This is a note from Jill:

        Dear Readers,

        Words are not enough to express my thanks. I am overwhelmed by your love and generosity. Because of you, I am able to save the most prominent tooth which means the world to me. You have no idea how much a healthy smile means until it is threatened. You have given me a wonderful chance at a beautiful future. From the bottom of my heart~ Thank you.

  2. Becky says:

    Aaron, thanks for your response and your due diligence. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others with the extra resources my family has been blessed with (small as they are). Please let us know the outcome of this situation – I am truly praying she can get all of her teeth fixed and I’m grateful to hear that she has access to a dental place that will help her at such a discounted rate.

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