Ooma Small Business Phone: Now Offering Phone Savings to Businesses

alertRecently while reviewing the Ooma website I noticed that Ooma just released the Ooma Small Business Phone Service! With how successful my Ooma Telos Phone Service has been for me personally (check out my home phone service review) this may be a good option for businesses that needs five phone extensions (or 15 virtual extensions), and at a good price point. Here are the features they offer and price breakdown. 

[caption id="attachment_2043" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Ooma Small Business Setup Ooma Small Business Setup[/caption]

Price: $249.00 (for base unit), and $19.99 monthly per line.

Link to purchase – [Direct Purchase Link]

Link to purchase the Linx Adapter – [Amazon Linx Adapter]

Here is a breakout of the features:


Unlimited calling in U.S. and Canada
Low international rates
Caller-ID and Name
E911 service
FREE number transfer

SetupOoma Small Business - In Love With Ooma

Easy installation
No special wiring required
24/7 customer support
Directory listing
No special phones needed

Office features

Virtual receptionist
Extension dialing
Call transfer

Modes for business and after hours
Ooma Small Business - Savings Calc

Ring groups
Music on hold
Conference bridge

Mobility features

Call forwarding
Voicemail forwarding
Virtual extensions

Check out this Oomazing video that describes just how easy it is to setup and start saving tons of money for your small business!! Pretty funny and creative if you ask me!

Well, I wanted all of our readers (who own small businesses) to be aware of this new cheap phone service offered for businesses. I certainly trust it for my preferred home phone service, and wouldn't doubt that they'd provide excellent phone services for businesses as well.


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