Google TISP Review 2013 – One Year Later

charlie_imageLast year I heard about a great new internet service provider that was completely free, and accessibly by 99.9% of homes in America. My co-workers turned me onto the new service offered by Google called Google TISP (Toilet Internet Service Provider). I couldn't believe it! Completely free internet directly from any toilet in my house! For the ultimate thrifty guy, this was a dream come true. After signing up for the service at, I received my package about 5 days later, which was oddly delivered to my house by a local waste treatment plant rep. I asked him, “Why wasn't it delivered by traditional carriers like UPS or FedEx” He said, “In order to make sure our plant has the proper connections ready we needed to program the router to the central ISP waste treatment hub in your area.” I thought that was odd, but none the less I couldn't complain. I was getting free internet! 

After following the easy to follow setup instructions, I was rocking and rolling on the inner webs! tisp_diagramStreaming tons of zeros and ones was a breeze! I'd literally download an entire song in two seconds. I couldn't believe it.  I told my mom and dad and all my friends about this great new service too, and they just laughed at me like I was crazy. I didn't care, because I knew it was true and I was well on my way to reaching the end of the internet in under a year! With my previous internet provider, it would have taken me years to download the entire Internet, but not with Google TISP! Plus the over usage charges with my previous ISP would have been through the rough. More than likely I would have received threatening phone calls and disconnecting services notices, but Google TISP has been awesome to me!

Since I've had a year to review the ultra-cheap internet service I thought I qualified as an “authoritative source” for writing evaluations on Google TISP. Here are some pros, cons, and faqs:


  • Free! Can't get much better than that!
  • No passwords or user ids to setup
  • Now that I'm using Google TISP I'm able to be part of the “CLOUD” whenever I want. All my friends were talking about what Cloud can provide their homes, and now that I'm on TISP I can be just like everyone else! ON THE CLOUD BABY!!!!! YA!!! WEEEHHHHH!!!
  • Almost everyone has a toilet, so they can signup right away.
  • Unlimited download and upload speeds (may depend on your “Gallons per flush”, so go with the biggest toilet possible to allow for the biggest pipe possible)


  • Setup can be a little messy depending on if someone forgot to flush before installation
  • Google TISP Support is almost non-existent. I asked one of my friends for the number, and they gave me 1-800-CLOUD4UAndMe. But that didn't work. Still researching this though. More to come when I get a hold of those guys!!
  • People make fun of you when you mention it, and just laugh at you. I've learned just not to say anything!
  • Rebooting your router and getting internet back takes FOREVER when my neighbors are flushing their toilets!! Just yesterday at 2 am I rebooted my router, and it wouldn't come back online for the longest time! I saw one of my neighbor's lights on and went over and knocked on their door! I ask him if he had just flushed his toilet because I couldn't my internet back, and sure enough…he admitted to dropping the deuce!!


  1. How easy is it to setup? My answer…have you ever gone over to a faucet and turned it on? Well about as easy as that! Ya…for real dude!
  2. Does Google accept automatic bill pay for payment of their services? If you want Google to automatically withdraw $0 from your checking account, then that will cost you $15.99/month. I made the mistake of forgetting that their TISP service is free, and now I'm paying dearly! DOH!!!
  3. Does Google offer Family Safety features like pornography blocking and other bad sites? Since the internet lines run through the entire countries sewage systems this is naturally blocked, because these sites are already a bunch of crap!
  4. How can I get Google internet on every level of my home? Just put a toilet on each level! DUH!
  5. How do you deal with family and friends that make fun of you? I usually just run away, so make sure you work on your speed before buying TISP. Never mention the TISP service to a Kenyan, because more than likely he/she could outrun you

Here is a great how-to video on setting up TISP! Enjoy and happy flushing!

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  1. Awesome. Best April 1 piece I’ve seen this year. Nice work. I love the diagram….want to make sure you set this thing up correctly!

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