What Are Those Fees on My AT&T Cell Phone Bill?

aaron_image1I'm always skeptical of bills I receive. And, cell phone bills are no different. They can be full of various charges, surcharges, fees and taxes that will make your head spin. So, what's a person to do?

I did a little bit of digging to find out more about our AT&T cell phone bill and all the charges it contains. Below is a recent bill of ours (that I have edited to protect some personal information). To view some of the charges and what they mean – just roll over the image below and a pop-up balloon with further details will appear.

I hope it helps you gain better insight into you own cell phone bill. Many of these charges will appear on your bill – no matter where you live. However, some states have specific charges that only pertain to residents in that state. 

Any other wacky or unusual fees / charges that you have come across on your cell phone bills?

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  1. I hate cell phone bills. I guess I can say that at least they are showing you the breakdown of these extra fees that they decide not to pay, but instead pass it on to us. They could have just added it into the full price and you would have never seen them. I do think they are ridiculous, but they are on all cell phones bills for the most part.

    • Grayson – that is true, they could be more deceptive.

  2. I guess no body likes cell phone bills and there are plenty of reasons for that.

    But for me, those array of taxes that I just can’t understand and hate to pay few extra dollars put me off!!!! But then, we can’t do without a cellphone now so there is no running away from it.

    Thanks for clarifying the points on my bill though. At least now I know where all the money goes.

    • I am being charged a $1.50 Gwinnett E911 fee every month. Why we have not lived in Gwinnett for over 5 years.

  3. AT&T is one of the worst cell phone providers. Not only do they charge hidden fees but they are so expensive compared to others like Tmobile. I am stuck in my contract with AT&T but I was still able to knock my bill down. Try a service like BillCutterz, they get you a discount with AT&T and you don’t even have to change anything on your plan. They also do other bills like electricity and cable.

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