5 Unique Ways People Are Making Money Online

aaron_image1I'm a big proponent of using the Internet today as way to make “extra” income or even as your main source of income. And, the best thing about using the Internet to make money is there are so many ways you can do it.

We've written before about how teachers are making extra money (and some, lots of it), offered different ideas about how to make money online, and Kyle even shared his story about how he got his coupon business going. 

I believe its often a good idea to have a “side-business” even if you are fully employed as a way to supplement what you are currently making and to offset any changes in employment or other life-happenings that make befall you.

While there is often a lot of leg work involved in getting an online business going ( it's definitely not a get-rich-quick opportunity), it sometimes can turn into a passive-income business once you have a product in place.

Here's a few unique online businesses that I've recently come across to give you some ideas of what others are doing – that could help jump-start your own thoughts on the matter. Most of the successful internet businesses are filling a need (or creating one) and serving a particular niche. Often, the narrower the niche, the better.

  1. CustomGuide.com. Jon started this business while he was in college to offer tutorials to students and others who wanted to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Office products. He now has a vibrant business with a staff and sells online-learning to large institutions and businesses. If you have a skill or knowledge about some type of service or product – online education is definitely a growing business and great opportunity to make extra income.
  2. Internet Marketing. Internet marketing has become a big online business these days. While not entirely unique – it is probably one of the most widely used methods to make money online today. Basically it is using advertising or other promotion techniques to sell products or services over the Internet. As a college drop-out, Kevin started an internet marketing business and uses DropOutGotRich.com to share tips and techniques he's used to build an online enterprise. Another helpful person in this niche is Pat at SmartPassiveIncome.com – who routinely generates about $30-50k from his online “niche” businesses every month and shares insights on how to do the same.
  3. JustAnswer.com Expert. Last year I ran into some issues with a small electrical issue at my house and decided to try JustAnswer.com to get some quick input from an electrician. It was an easy way to get in touch without having someone come out to the house and pay a larger service fee (which sometimes amounts to something you could have done yourself). So, if you are gifted at a certain trade, you can become an “expert” at the site and earn side-income by helping folks with everyday problems. I think it's a great concept for an online business.

Any other ways that you or someone else you know making money online today?

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  1. I use cashcrate to refer other people and make a decent amount of money from relatively little work. Also doing survey’s and checking in it’s good money for a student.

  2. Great Ideas, really like the justanswer.com. I am always looking for a contractor who will just provide guidance, seems like a win/win situation for both parties. The Contractor doesnt have to waste their time driving out for just a consultation fee, which barely covers their gas. And the resident doesn’t get stuck with a consultation fee. Great Post.

    • Thanks Jim. The only drawback to JustAnswer is that after one answer – you have to pay for more. ;(

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