9 Ways to Attract (or Impress) a Thrifty Guy This Valentines Day

valentine thrifty guy

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And, you want to attract a special thrifty guy in your life OR impress the one you have. Don't fear. We're here to help.

For marrying,dating or wanting to friend the right breed of man – the Thrifty Guy – we commend you.

But this Thrifty Guy – whose internal engine revs at the sight of a buy-one-get-one-free entree coupon at his favorite fast food diner – is not easily impressed. No, to make this guy raise a left brow, you'll have to top that BOGO offer with a free dessert side.

So, to that end – we offer you our top 10 ways to attract or impress a Thrifty Guy on Valentine's Day. Godspeed. 

  1. Use a coupon on the first date
  2. Ask him his credit score
  3. Cut your cable tv (yes, no more Jersey Shore)
  4. Eat leftovers for three days straight
  5. Have a no spend week every month for a year
  6. Go to open houses to get free food
  7. Show him your budget (if married, ask if you can “talk about the budget”)
  8. Tell him you just went to the department store and “couldn't find anything”
  9. For a date – ask him to go on a walk and afterwards, read Total Money Makeover to you

Our Thrifty Guy Charlie contributed to this post.

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    • Quite the deal sealer, for sure!

  1. I thought this was how Valentine’s Day was normally supposed to be?!?!

    • Right? :)

  2. I’m quite certain my husband has done #6! Cause he’s thrifty like that.

    • @Jen – You got it! ;)
      @Karen – The Thrifty Guy always wants to impress with his credit worthiness :)
      @Dianne – Haha.. good on him!

  3. Asking about their credit score? LOL Maybe the second or third. ;0)

  4. #7 is so challenging, but hey…if it will make him happy and be a free Valentine’s Day gift at the same time? No need to run out shopping the day before! Thanks for the great ideas!

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