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Are you a small business owner, independent contractor or consultant? If you are, you are aware of the costs involved in marketing your business. If you want to be successful at marketing and growing your business, having a solid website is essential. Long gone are the days of the “door to door” salesmen as it looks like virtual shopping is here to stay. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire someone to design your website, or you don’t have the time to sit through all of the tutorials to figure it out yourself, there are many great website builder tools out there which you can make your own website with 123 Reg

With a website builder, you start out with a template. From there you can easily customize the look and feel of your page.  You can also upload photos, insert text onto the correct pages and use social media to advertise. Yes, it is possible to achieve all this without knowing code! Website builders range in price and skill level but they all help you to do one thing: build your own website. Here are some of the things you can do with a website building program:

Online storefront

If you have products to sell, you want someone to buy them, right? Whether it is business to business or business to individual, having an online shop will create access to your products. This can increase your sales dramatically and reduce your time spent on making flyers and phone calls.


Having a blog that is business specific is a great way to share things with your customers.  You can write about your business and products, post exciting news about your industry and inform your customers of upcoming sales and deals.

Social media

With access to social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc) you can increase your customer base and network with others in your industry.  Social media also helps to promote your brand and increase traffic to your website. You have an easy and free way to draw attention to your business and create a “buzz” with your customers sharing and tweeting your information. You can also make it fun for customers by announcing special offers, creating contests and making them feel like they’re a valued and important part of your business outcome.

You don’t need to be computer savvy to use a website builder product. All that is required is a bit of your time, access to a computer and the internet and motivation to overcome any fears about putting your business online.

Are you a small business owner or independent consultant/contractor that has used a website builder to create your business’s website?  What are some of the benefits you have seen?  What was a challenge?

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