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aaron_image1I'm a big fan of Amazon. I admire how they survived the Bubble – and for years endured investors' constant and belabored inquiries for the retailer to show a profit. Remember that? Today – Amazon seems to be doing quite well for themselves with all the products they sell – including the successful Kindle line of e-readers.

I've written before about ways you can make money through Amazon – but I'm always interested in how I can save more when shopping their site. Last year, we subscribed to their Prime service – that gives you free two-day shipping, access to movies, e-books and more for a $79 annual fee.

Amazon also gives you the ability to get rid of the odd remaining balances on your cash cards (that are often so hard to empty) by purchasing Amazon gift cards with 'em (just needs to have more than 15 cents on it).

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Now, Amazon is offering Discover card members the ability to hook up the credit card and use their Cashback Bonus money to go towards their online purchases. Most of the time users had to wait until a threshold was met before using the Cashback money – but now Amazon lets you use it no matter the balance.

Last week I purchased a few items and redeemed some of my Cashback Bonus at Amazon. It was pretty slick. Here's what you need to do use your balance at Amazon:

  • You'll need to first link up your Discover Card on Amazon if you haven't done so already. I prefer to use my debit card on most of my transactions. So, even if you link it up, you won't need to use your Discover to pay for the rest of your items should your Cashback not cover your purchase.
  • Visit Amazon's Discover Cashback landing page which will give you more details about the offering and will walk you through the process.
  • Link er up and you're good to go!

Once you've signed in and are ready to make a purchase you'll be given the option during check0ut to apply all or some of your Cashback balance to your order. Here's what it will look like:

discover cashback bonus

Pretty easy! Have you been able to use your Cashback Bonus at Amazon?  

Setup your Discover Card at Amazon

Update 12/6/17: Given the recent news of hacks and online identity thefts, Discover is offering free social security alerts through their cards. You can learn more about the offering here.

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  1. Thing is, by doing that you don’t earn 1% back on your purchase by using your Discover credit card. So surely it’s better to use your discover card to pay for the purchase on Amazon, then simply redeem your available cashback balance on against your balance? Congratulations, you’re 1% better off!

    • Good point Oli!

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