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aaron_image1Every year, Oprah had this great tradition of holding a “Favorite Things” show where she featured a bunch of items she'd discovered throughout the year which were noteworthy. And the really neat thing about this show was that she gave most of these items to her audience members in attendance.

And so we thought: “wouldn't that be fun to do on a blog?”

If you've been paying attention to our social media channels at all – you'll note that we've been throwing out a few hints here and there to encourage folks to sign-up for our emails to Three Thrifty Guys before today. ;) 

That said – let's get started in our Favorite Things from 2012! Much like Oprah's show – those who are “in attendance” will be eligible to receive some of the great items listed below (about $200 in value). Winners will be selected at random from our pool of email subscribers (who have opened up this post in their inbox) and will be contacted via email. Please respond to us within 24 hours – or we'll need to pick another winner. Thanks again for reading and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Pocket XShot Camera Extender

photo extenderThe first product I thought was pretty cool is from XShot. They have created this neat extender that let's you attach your small camera to the end of it and stretch it out (about 30″) to take a picture of you and possibly your significant other! With this handle device, you'll be able to get more of the background in your shot, not bug your fellow tourist and you'll alleviate those arms in the photo. ;) Retails for $29.95 WINNER: yonkerlai

Buggy Beds

bed bug trapRemember the often quoted, “Don't let the bed bugs bite” saying you'd hear before going off to bed? Well – these guys are  no joke. There seems to be a growing infestation of these buggers in the US which has given rise to bed bug pest control products. I first saw Buggy Beds on a recent episode of Shark Tank. The “sharks” were so enthralled with the product that they all wanted to back it. They're pretty easy to use as well – you simply slide ‘n hide them under couches, beds, & more and it will attract and kill any bed bugs that might be in the area. The Home 4-pack retails for $9.99-$11.99 WINNER: LaLa and kalijunfan


Fresh Threads

fresh threads freshnerI think the key to a great product is when you first see it and go, “Oh, I wish I'd thought of that”. Such is the case with Fresh Threads. Beautifully designed – they are coaster-like discs you simply toss in your drawer, locker or luggage to keep your threads – fresh. They come in a variety of smells and you can even re-purpose them after they lose their freshness. Retail $7.99 / package of 3 discs WINNER: Sean D.



<impulse-saveIf you're a regular here, we've mentioned ImpulseSave before. They have a really unique and simple way to encourage folks to save more money. We're all prone to the “impulse” buy – purchasing something we probably don't need on a whim – only to regret it later. So, what about taking that “impulse” and putting it into savings instead? I've been using their app for about 6 months now, and really love it. All you need to do is enter the amount you would have saved by not impulse purchasing – and hit enter. It deposits the money from your bank account into savings. You can even set goals, save along with friends and withdraw your savings whenever you want. WINNER: holliister


Pocket Your Dollars Book

pocket-your-dollarsWhen it comes to deals and coupons – there is no one better than Carrie Rocha. At her Pocket Your Dollars website, she has deals for grocery, discount and entertainment/recreation. She's often on TV and radio here in the Midwest offering her sage advice and now she's written a great book (ironically enough) called Pocket Your Dollars. In it – Carrie shares her own early struggles with money and tools she used to start managing her money better. It's an insightful read and very down-to-earth (just like the lady herself). Available January 1, 2013 WINNER: dailydealsjc



img-10The final product that I want to feature is the Scanmarker. Now, this is a really cool product that helps you highlight and copy key text when reading or studying. It works much like a highlighter would – but scans the text you roll over and throws it into a document for you. Another one of those “I wish I'd thought of that!”. Retails for $79.95 WINNER: sj_graber


Do you have any cool products you have spotted this past year you thought were interesting? Please share! 

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  1. The Pocket XShot Camera Extender would be really handy for my wife and I who always struggle to have pictures taken together on vacation.

    • I know – very handy!

  2. Hey guys – the “click to be entered to win” button from my email isn’t working :( hopefully that isn’t too much of an issue for others. Just thought I would let you know! Thanks again for all you do your posts are great!

    • :( Good catch Savannah. Only the “C” was clickable.. Thanks for the note!

  3. love your blog! count me in

    • You’re in Lala as a loyal email subscriber! :) We had a little problem with our emails this am – but still hope folks managed to get to the post.

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