13 Thrifty Christmas Gift Ideas for Men in 2012

gifts ideas for menAs Christmas season soon approaches many people are wondering “what should I get my dad, husband, uncle, or grandpa?” Buying gifts for men is always a difficult one, because we rarely give you ideas, and sometimes just expect ya to know. Or grunt as our spouses rattle off ideas that may interest us.

This season as all of our budgets are stretched and the dollar amount per person may be less, we wanted to offer up a few thrifty gift ideas for our readers. Here are few deals/ideas that we’ve found that might bring a smile to that special guy in your life! 

  • Ugly sweater– have fun with Dad/Grandpa and find him a great gag gift!
  • Tools – every guy is looking for more tools for his workbench. We can always use a tape measures or a nice wrench set!
  • Sports/Activity – nothing says love like motivating your man to giving him a little New Years resolution motivation.
  • Lingerie – WHAT!?!? Ya you heard me! Have fun with your husband and give him a private gift that will catch him off guard. (Due to the family nature of this website I’m not including any links to these gift deals, but thought the Galaxy3 GS commercial would put some humor in this type of gift.) :)

This year is undoubtedly going to be a tight Christmas for people financially. I’d love to hear from our readers what deal ideas you are using this season to buy for a man in your life. I know my wife reads our blog every week and is always looking for other good/cheap ideas!:)Regardless of whether you decided to give the man in your life a cheap or expensive gift this year, remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season, and just enjoy being around your family and friends! Merry Christmas!

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