The Smart Way to Shop on Black Friday + $50 Amazon Giveaway

The following is a guest post by Jon of They are offering a $50 Amazon Gift Code to one lucky reader. All you need to do is fill out the short entry form below OR comment on this post, answering the following: Do you plan on shopping online or at the store this year (or both – or neither)?

black friday shoppingBlack Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has almost turned into it’s own holiday. Shoppers flock to the malls to get the deals, all while waiting in line at the store for hours on end. But, does it actually make sense to fight the crowds and shop on Black Friday? Will spending money that day actually save you money on your holiday shopping?

All of the Black Friday ads feature “doorbusters”, items that are significantly discounted from their normal retail price. The majority of these doorbusters are electronics, such as the big screen TV for 50% off or the inexpensive laptop for under $200. Sounds great, right? The problem is that these deals are only available in the stores and each store will only have a handful of doorbusters in stock. You would literally need to go to the store right now to ensure that you’re one of the first people in line to shop in order to get one of these deals. 

However, even though you will most likely not get a doorbuster, you can still find great deals on Black Friday. Over the past seven years, has tracked the items that were on sale and compared the Black Friday price with the prices leading up to Christmas. They found that in almost every case, the prices that you found on Black Friday were the cheapest prices that you would find for the rest of the year. So, if you see a product advertised as being on sale during Black Friday, then there is a good chance that it’s truly going to be the lowest price that you will see for that item leading up to Christmas.

One big negative about going to the mall on Black Friday is that you will quickly find that thousands of other shoppers are there too – taking all available parking and forcing you to wait hours in line to check out at the stores. One way to avoid all of this is to shop online instead. Most people don’t realize that you can get almost all of the Black Friday deals online on Thanksgiving morning. The best time to get these deals is around 6:00am (Eastern time) which is when most retailers put their Black Friday products online. So while other people are sleeping, you can snag all the deals a full day before they are available to purchase in-store.

Now that you know when to shop and what to buy, how can you save even more? Before making your purchases online, be sure to sign up for’s cash back program which will give you up to 28% cash back at various retailers. You should also check out the online coupons that are available in from the coupons section on or from sites like For example, some stores will be offering an extra 10% off online orders or they will give you free shipping just by using a promo code. Combine those discounts with cash back, and it’s a convincing reason why you should shop online this year and avoid the malls completely.

While there is a lot of hype around Black Friday, there are some good deals to be found too. Remember to shop online first thing Thanksgiving morning and only consider purchasing the specific items that are advertised in the Black Friday sales circulars. By using this strategy, you will end up saving a lot of time while taking advantage of the lowest prices of the holiday shopping season.

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  1. Lauralynn says:

    I plan on doing most of my shopping online this year. I’m going to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals. I might go to one or two stores closer to Christmas for any last minute gifts. :)

  2. Sheila Laurence says:

    My hard drive crashed yesterday, so it looks like I will be an unwilling Black Friday shopper. I am going to look around and see where I can get the best deal whether it is in a local store or online. I typically order movies for my kids online on Black Friday.

  3. J Gulich says:

    I plan on shopping Online this Black Friday! I think I’ll find the best deals online, plus I can shop as early as I want without having to deal with long lines, traffic, and taking the chance on missing out on a great in-store deal.

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