How to Dress Up Your Home for Christmas for Under $100

Christmas is a magical time full of wonderment, joy and delight at the all the trimmings that make up this special festive season. Children and adults alike are in awe at the sight of all the decorations adorning the shops and homes. Tinsel, baubles and Christmas ornaments add to the ambiance of this enchanting occasion. You can spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, but you can just as easily have spectacular adornments for a very low cost. 

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree usually takes pride of place in any home. For the savvy shopper, buy your tree just after Christmas or very close to Christmas Day, when they are always on sale. This way you can be organised for next year. You could also nurture your own live potted Christmas tree to use year after year. This means you will only need to outlay money once for a Christmas tree. For a more modern approach, hunt around the parks for fallen tree branches. Make sure you get one with lots of small branches strong enough to hold ornaments. Spray the branches gold, silver, green or whatever colour theme you choose, secure it in a decorated pot and adorn the branches with hanging ornaments.

Buying Decorations

Discount stores and online shops always have a huge array of decorations in stock. Set yourself a budget and do some research as to what shop offers the best prices. You will be surprised how cheap you can pick up lavish decorations.

Hand Made Decorations

You are limited only by your imagination. Browse the online forums for some great handmade ideas. You could collect pine cones to hang from your tree or alternatively, lightly spray the cones in silver. Keep last year’s Christmas cards and cut out the lovely pictures to adorn your home this year, or glue them onto tinsel to hang on your walls. Be creative with a stunning table centerpiece  Place candles in a row or circle and surround with ribbon, pine cones, colored baubles and Christmas tree branches. Tiny Christmas trees can be purchased very cheaply and you could use these branches as the base for your centerpiece. You can also make a very decorative Christmas wreath in this way.

Use Your Current Décor

Look around your home. You could embellish the large mirror with stick on Christmas decals and place artificial holly and a Christmas message underneath or pack away your everyday ornaments & put up your nativity scene or Christmas village in its place. Buy some Christmas themed cardboard, twist into a cone shape and place these over your current ornaments to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland.

Christmas Linen

Christmas tablecloths and runners can be purchased quite cheaply, but can transform an ordinary table into a stunning Christmas showpiece to be admired by all. Add some Christmas themed serviettes and bonbons and your table will be complete.

Purchase or make a Christmas stocking to place in front of the Christmas tree or hung in front of the fireplace. This will be the final touch to your decorative Christmas home. Now, you can sit back and relax and admire your handiwork, knowing that you have kept well within budget.

Written by Tara Blair
Tara has been a full time writer for three years. Tara loves DIY art and craft. Her latest project is to handmake Christmas cards for her parents this season. When Tara is not writing you will find her coaching at her local yoga studio.

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