Gold Rush Season 3 – An Interview With Miner Greg Remsburg

greg remsburg season 3It's back! Discovery Channel's hit TV series, Gold Rush returns for its 3rd season with – what appears to be – someone hitting the mother lode. I love this show – and appreciate the story line of these guys (many who were out of work) risking it all and pursuing a dream.

Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to interview one of the miners on the show – Greg Remsburg. A fellow Christian, he shared some interesting insights about the show and the adventures of digging for gold. He agreed to do another exchange with us – leading up to the third season of Gold Rush that premieres on October 26. Enjoy! 

With another mining season coming to an end – do you feel like you guys are ready to do this as a career? I'm sure you have learned a lot over the 3 seasons.

I believe that this can be a career for many of us.  With so many people facing challenges with finding employment (or former careers), the signs are still present that the economy has not bounced back.  This election upcoming will probably determine the direction of the economy for the next four years as well.  I believe that gold prices will spike if the current President is re-elected which will further reinforce the vitality of gold mining in my mind.

Have you been able to have your family up north for a visit? Or, do you usually go down to visit them? 

My family was with me for almost two months this third mining season.  They are my support system in many ways and it’s tough being away from them.  We are a close family and thrive when we’re together.

It looks like on several occasions you guys have prayed before beginning work for the day. How do you all “keep the faith” there? (Read the Bible, etc?)

Every morning before breakfast, we meet for a devotion.  This year we began in the book of James and then made our way through Acts.  We read a passage and then discuss what we’ve read and try to apply it to our lives each day.  It is an optional time for us but many attend.  I have a difficult time allocating time to read by myself, so this was a great time to get into the Lord’s word.  The challenge, of course, is the daily application I’m failing forward serving a gracious and merciful God!

As far as gold goes – it has risen quite dramatically since 2000. If a person were to invest in gold today – do you recommend coins or bullions?

I’m sorry, but I haven’t personally looked at either deep enough to advise on the investment.  Considering that the only gold that I own is raw, I would have to go with a third option:  Raw gold

What do you think will perform better over the next 5 years – gold or silver?

 My humble opinion is that gold will perform better than silver because it is known as an international currency.

With the popularity of the show – are you seeing other people trying to accomplish what you guys have tried to do (with little/ to no experience)? And, would you encourage/discourage others in following your footsteps?

I have seen a few others set out to chase their dream of striking it rich in gold mining.  Regardless of the business venture, make sure that you perform due diligence on all facets of the business that you want to enter into.  Gold mining presents a unique set of challenges.  Don’t take anyone at their word, especially these days with high gold prices.  Remember the oceanfront property in Denver, CO?  Mine owners seem to want to sell their claims over the phone.  Test the dirt yourself and keep your overhead low!

Can you provide viewers with any interesting tidbits or/ events that have transpired that might “wet” the appetite? :)

You’ll see some new faces this season and some different equipment. We set a very high goal for this season and worked hard to attain it.  Will we make it?

When you were a kid – what did you hope to do for a living?

I always dreamed of being an NBA basketball player.  I loved to play the game and still love the game today.  Now, though, I love to watch my children play and pursue their own passions for the sport. My oldest daughter is a sophomore and has realistic desires of playing college ball.  My body won’t let me run with them anymore, so I get to love the sport and my kid's involvement from the stands.  I’m content with that now.

Are you surprised that you are “digging for gold” on TV – while millions of folks watch on?

I am still surprised at my current profession. I have been so blessed with this opportunity and thank God that I’m able to do what I love to do year-round.  The 5 months of mining is an alternative lifestyle to the one that most of us live in the lower 48.  It is a slower pace with limited distractions.  The other 7 months, I am able to meet many of the people that enjoy watching the show on Discovery. I believe that God has given me this time as a chance to serve others. My favorite thing to do with fans is to crush the preconceived idea that I am something special just because I’m on tv.

Can you share any inspirational stories of how the show has affected some of its viewers?

I have received many inspirational letters through social networking.  One teen-aged boy shared that the show had inspired his dad to get off the couch and save his struggling business. During these tough economic times, many men(as I am one!) get depressed when they are not able to provide for their families in the way that they feel is best.  It is sometimes difficult to get the motivation that we need by ourselves and not every dude is willing to share with others that he is struggling.

Another man shared that he was inspired to reunite with his estranged family.  That gave me the chills!  How could a bunch of knuckleheads motivate a guy to mend a family? God, the Almighty, used ordinary men to perform one of His extraordinary works.

Follow Greg on Twitter (@GoldRushGreg) and/or on Facebook ( Gold Rush – Alaska airs on Fridays at 9P/EST on the Discovery Channel. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel.

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    • We all make mistakes – do things we regret – right? ;) This is why he’s a Christian

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