Where to Buy Cheap Sports Equipment

sports equipmentIf you have a child or relative participating on a sports team this coming school year – chances are you are concerned about your bank account. Many sports – hockey and football in particular – have some fairly high costs associated with equipment purchases. So where can you find affordable and cheaper sporting goods? Here's a few suggestions I hope will help in your search. 

Hand-me downs

A great place to start is within your own family. I know that in our family, a lot of us participated in the same sports growing up. I would sometimes get my brother's used or unwanted tennis rackets when he was done with em. Check to see if you might be able to score a deal with a relative OR even a neighbor. They could have something in their garage or basement they've forgotten about.

Another place to check on hand-downs is with the coach of your child's team. They could get you in touch with another parent who has equipment they no longer need/want.

High school governing body

Here in Minnesota – there is the Minnesota High School League (MHSL). At their website, they list a bunch of sporting goods for sale from various schools around the state. Some of the items would be great to purchase if you are the coach of a community team or even if you owned a local gym. Be sure to hit up your state-wide governing body for school sports. They'll likely have a similar set-up.


The obvious go-to place for all sorts of items – including sports equipment is Craigslist. You're sure to find what you are looking for – or at the least – discover what you can expect to pay for a similar item.

Thrift stores

Whenever I visit the local thrift stores, I always spot some sports equipment. It's a good place to discover some gently used (and some not so gently) goods at a decent price.

I'm of the opinion that – especially if your youngster is just diving into a sport – that its a good idea to buy used equipment. No sense in paying hundreds of dollars for these items if your kid decides to quit next week!

What other places have you discovered to find cheaper sports equipment?

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