Do They Still Make ‘The Clapper’?

When I was about 9 years old I saw this strange commercial for product that would turn on/off  your lights with the sound of your clap. The commercial always made me laugh, because the old people featured in the commercial looked so mad and disgruntle. Remember this? 

I always thought what use could I ever have for such a product? It seemed like it would be more applicable for use for someone like my grandpa and grandma?

Then earlier this spring, while my wife was out of town, I got to wondering…do they still make The Clapper? So during one of my excursions to Menards I asked a sales rep, “do you still sell The Clapper?” So the clerk at the front desk went and checked for me and brought back a brand spanking new 2012 model of ‘The Clapper’! It was glorious! I had the perfect idea of how to surprise my wife when she gets back!

You see in our bedroom we have a night light that is really finicky and will take us anywhere from 5-15 seconds to turn on. Then we have a baby monitor that is even more annoying than the light. The monitor has a cord that literally takes us about 30 seconds to fidget with the cord. Annoys the “you know what” out of my wife who has to turn on both appliances each night.

So the nice thing about the new clapper is that it has two settings! Setting 1: Two claps (on) – Two claps (off), and Setting 2: Three claps (on) – Three claps (off). It now comes with two plugins for either a two or three clap on/off switch. Even better!

How does The Clapper save us time and money?

So after my wife returned on her trip I showed off my new time saving device that night in bed! You see the way I look at it I’m saving us about 45 seconds per day! That’s 16,425 seconds per year. In about 5 years of operating ‘The Clapper’ I’ll save us about 1 day time trying to turn on/off the light and baby monitor.

Now let’s say our time is worth about $15/hour. If we save 24 hours of time every 5 years by using ‘The Clapper’ we are saving about $360. Now I thought spending $17.99 on the clapper was kinda of over the top, but when you analyze just how much our time is worth and how we are benefiting from it, then it makes buying The Clapper worth it! :)

Have you ever thought about buying ‘The Clapper’? How would you use it?

Purchase the Clapper at Amazon ($16)

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