9 Cost Advantages of Living in a Small Town

cost advantage of small town

In 2008 I moved from the inner city to a small town of just over a couple thousand people. It was quite the change, but after living in a bustling metropolis for 5 years, the peaceful life offered by a small town was attractive to me. Plus, there were many other advantages to moving there. Here's a few that come to mind. 

  1. Lower property taxes
    While not always the case – taxes in smaller towns/cities are generally cheaper than their larger counterparts. There's just more moving parts in the big town.
  2. Fuel costs
    If you live in a smaller town – you don't need to travel so far to get to your appointments – be it church, friends OR the gas station – which will save you money on gas.
  3. People help one another out
    There is definitely a cost advantage to having folks who around you who are there if anything happens. I always hear of townspeople pitching in to help a fellow neighbor who is struggling. Or, maybe it's a hand with some car repairs. Having a smaller, close knit group of people is a real asset.>>>>>>>>> You might also be interested in: How loving your neighbor as yourself can save you money
  4.  Cheaper housing
    When I go to Texas to visit my brother, I’m always amazed at how inexpensive some of the homes are relative to their size. You can find some real bargins in these small towns. Several years ago my grandma sold her home for under $20k. That’s unheard of in the big city (unless – of course – it’s a real piece of work).
  5. Car insurance rates
    With less people to have accidents with, come lower insurance rates. This is a real plus to living in the countryside.
  6. Better schooling
    Not necessarily a cost advantage – but it could be, if your kid grows up to make more money than the average Joe. Smaller towns = smaller class sizes = more individual attention. I have also found those living in rural areas to be more competitive, grade wise. It more socially acceptable to be “smart”.
  7. Better environment
    Having a healthy environment to live in is a real bonus. If you have less toxins to breath in, fresher food to eat and feel less stressed, you're likely to be in decent shape – saving you money in health-related costs.
  8. Child care costs
    Like I mentioned earlier – in small towns, folks are more apt to help one another out, saving money over the long haul. My mother lives in a smaller town and regularly helps babysit kids for people – often for no charge at all. You can't necessarily get that in the city – with everyone so busy.
  9. General services are cheaper
    A lot of times in the big city – corporations with lots of overhead costs can “run the show” which can lead to higher costs all-around. In the small town, there are quite a few mom-and-pop joints that only have themselves and their business to worry about. This can lead to lower prices and a stronger desire to keep your business.
Have you ever lived in a small town OR are you currently? What's life like there – and do you think it tends to be cheaper?

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  1. I agree with so many of these, since I come from a small town, too. I think one of the biggest things I love about living in a small town is that so many people know each other and help each other out, as you mentioned multiple times. It makes you feel safer, and like if you were really in trouble there would always be someone to help you out. I also really saw this when our town got hit hard last fall from Hurricane Irene and then a terrible Halloween ice storm. Our town was a mess and some people were out of power for a full week. But the whole town came together, opening their homes, showers, kitchens – whatever we needed to stay safe and comfortable.

    • Yeah – I think that is one of the real assets of small town living too – they seem more apt to stick together and help each other out when crisis comes.

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