4 Phone Calls That Could Save You Money Today

Aaron AvatarA few months back, I wrote about how to get the best car insurance rates – and today I'd love to write about 4 phone calls that you can make today that will save you money – maybe even right now.

When I called about those car insurance rates, I was able to deduct about $400 off our yearly rate. That's a pretty good chunk of savings that can go towards other more important things in our budget. And we wouldn't have gotten this savings without making a simple phone call. There are other ways you can save – today – just by picking up the phone and asking. Here's a few I recommend to see some immediate savings: 

  1. Home insurance
    If you own a home – this is a good place to check and see if you might be overpaying. Of course, you don't want to run the risk of not having adequate coverage in the event that something happens – but a knowledgeable agent will be able to help you get the right coverage for your home. Make sure you have an agent that you trust and has your best interests in mind. Personally, I have been with Nationwide/Allied Insurance for some time now and don't have any qualms in recommending them to others. They seem to go out of their way to get you the best rate (no, I wasn't paid for that) ;)
  2. Car insurance
    Obviously another biggie that you can save on. Make sure you are getting all the deductions you can. If you are accident free, get good grades, live in a small town, drive your car only to work (etc) – all of these (and more) might be able to save you some coin.
  3. County office (Property tax)
    It is true – you can appeal your property taxes. Most counties make property taxes public for all to see. You'll want to be sure yours isn't too out of line with what your neighbors with similar houses are paying. If it is – you may be in line for a reduction in your taxes. Best to get a hold of your county office to appeal yours.
  4. Utility company
    One way to save on your phone bill is to see if your current provider will match a competitors price. Many of cable companies have a short-term discount they give to newer customers to get them on board. See if they will continue this rate OR match what others are charging. If you have a  cell phone and want to see about a lower rate – call and talk to a representative to find out if they see any other ways you might be able to cut your bill. 

Are there other phone calls you could make to save – today?

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  1. Yes your cable,internet and phone company bills.

  2. Yep, home and car insurance and biggies. I called the car insurance company in the past yeaer and was prtty pleased at how much I saved! If I hadn’t called, nothing would’ve happened, but sinc eI called they were pretty nice about taking off some money (it helps that I’m no longer a dumb 18 year old driver with a bad record!)

    • Awesome TB – pays to speak up

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