Honda Jazz Si and Honda NSX

When I was in high school (1991-1995) I had an old golf coach that drove a beat up stick shift Honda Accord. It had 200k+ miles on it, and would get 35+ MPG. He loved it, and told the whole team that he’d drive it until the “wheels fell off”. He always swelled with pride whenever he talked about his car, and I respected that.

Fast forward 4 years to after I graduated college in 1999 and I was needing a new car, because my American made Pontiac Grand Am was starting to break down. It was so bad that I actually had my car die in the parking lot at one auto dealer. I asked them how much they’d give me to take it off my hands as I wanted it out of my life! Ugh! I was looking at buying my first foreign car – a Honda Accord Coupe – and all because of the influence my golf coach’s car had on me. I wanted a car that could get good gas mileage, would attract my girlfriend (now wife), and that would last a long time.

Today, as I look out on the new car front, two new Honda cars really catch my eye. Recently, I took a look at the Honda Jazz Si and Honda NSX, which offer some great options for reliability. Here are a few thoughts on both models for you to consider:

Honda Jazz Si

  • Good gas mileage
  • Compact design
  • Uses an integrated Motor Assist (IMA) Hybrid system
  • Six air bags
  • Low CO2 emissions

Honda NSX

  •  Sport car design
  • V6 engine
  • All wheel drive
  • Uses lightweight material
  • Previously sold as Acura

All of these make for great reasons to look at these new Honda models that are coming out soon. Check them out.

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