Great Depression Series – Video #2 – Living through the Great Depression

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Living through the Great Depression was no small feat. People think that the recession of 2008 was bad, but people from our generation don’t know what it’s like to have 25% unemployment and families losing everything. The pain of the depression can be seen in my Grandparents in the second of our video series. You can tell that both their families had to sacrifice a lot in order to provide for their kids, but never once let on to the hurt they were going through. They just dealt with it best they could. 

This video clip gives you a glimpse into what it was like for my grandparents living through the depression in rural Iowa between 1929 – 1939.

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  1. Donna Thompson says:

    Thanks, Charlie, for sharing the video! My mother was born in 1932 and was growing up during that time. My grandmother had to support herself and my mother on her own. It was real hard on both of them.

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