Great Depression Series – Video #1 – Marriage Advice

charlie avatarMy grandparents have had a huge financial impact on my life. Mainly for two reason, 1) they have been married for 71 years, and 2) they live frugal lifestyles because the impact that Great Depression has had on their life. They were married in 1941 (just at the tail end of the depression), and they saw their families go without and lose so much. They saw the extreme trials their parents went through between 1929 to 1939. Yet they have lived a marriage lifestyle that is to be a template for everyone. 

This is the first video in our Great Depression series, because in an age when divorce is so easy and prevalent I thought it would be applicable to start with something that is so critical to our finances. In the video my grandparents offer advice for how they made their marriage work, how they saved money, and little tips along the way. Enjoy.

Video #2: Living Through the Great Depression

Video #3: Living Through the Dust Bowl


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  1. I personally like being married, and it shares the cost of our home. So that’s a net savings there! :) There may be a little less stress being single til you’re 92, but who wants to be alone and stressless when they’re that age? I’d prefer to be with the love of my life into the twilight of my years no matter how stressful it is. I personally don’t think my Grandparents look all that stressed having been married for 71 years.

  2. It is a great deal cheaper to not be married. There is less stress and you live longer too. Men die faster married especially.

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