Do You Use Coupons for Work-related Expenses?

piggy-bankA lot of times for my job, I’ll need to purchase items for various projects using my own credit card. These work-related expenses are typically then reimbursed in the next paycheck. It’s really not a big deal – but it got me to thinking, “shouldn’t you always use coupons and look for the best deal to help save your company money?” 

Most of the items that I get are usually paper, or other design-related expenses (like printing or specialty items pertaining to my job). Often, I will check websites for a coupon I might be able to use on my next excursion. Now, I’m not trying to blow my horn here – but for me, saving money and getting the best possible deal on an item is fun (even if it is for a work-related expense).

Do you do this too? Or, are you more apt to feel carefree with money you know isn’t yours?

Here’s a few reasons I came up with for being a deal-seeker at work:

  • If you do it at home for your family – why not at work? (live consistently)
  • Being a good steward with money (while I still struggle with this at times – I believe this is the way the Lord wants us to live)
  • The money you are helping save your company will help its bottom line (and yours)

That last reason is why I have such a hard time when I hear folks say (about their employer), “this company makes so much money – it won’t hurt em if I take a few of these pens home..” OR (you can fill in the blank). If you are doing the best you can to help the company save money you will likely be a beneficiary of this. At my workplace – there is a bonus pool. If the company meets a certain earnings threshold, the employees take part in sharing in that success. It behooves every employee to do their best at cost-saving measures.

So are you a coupon clipper at work too? Do you help your company save money?

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  1. Tamra says:

    I normally don’t make large purchases online for my company, but we do spend a few hundred dollars on stock photos every now and then, and there’s always coupon codes available for those. I agree with you – it’s fun to get a deal, even if it isn’t your money! I have started keeping track of the dollars I’m saving using coupons, and will bring that spreadsheet with me come review time. Couldn’t hurt!

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