6 Places to Find Coupon Codes

couponsTo get the best online deals – you really need to know where to find coupon codes that are offered by for your favorite retailer. I've written before about how to find the best online deals – but today I'd like to tell you where you can specifically look to get unique coupons you can use before you checkout. Please let me know other places you've managed to get that special code.

  1. Twitter
    One of the best resources for getting special online deals is through retailer's Twitter accounts. Today, most businesses are using social media. And, often they use this new outlet to tout deals and other savings for you – their customer! Nevermind the naysayers – Twitter has been one of the best ways I have discovered to save money online. Setup an account in as little as 3 minutes – and start following some of your favorite retailers and merchants.
  2. E-newsletters
    A great way to be in the know about coupons and specials is to be subscribed to a retailer's e-newsletter. Depending on the business – they will send out periodic emails to their subscribers. Often times, you will be the first to know about a deal or coupon code.
  3. Mailings
    Kohl's and JCPenney are big coupon mailers (at least until JCP went coupon-less that is). Some of their offers are good for online only. You'll get a special coupon code unique to you that you can only redeem online. Typically you will get these deals if you have their credit card or opt-in through their website.
  4. Facebook
    Another social media king is Facebook. Although I haven't been as successful with it as Twitter – it still is a good way to keep tabs on stores that you frequent. I do have a caution – Facebook is a lot more invasive than other mediums. A retailer can find out a lot about you when you “like” their page – and I don't particularly like them creeping on my business!
  5. Coupon code websites
    These are popping up everywhere nowadays with offers and vouchers for pretty much any online site under the sun. I was even able to find a unique coupon code for a specialty online store for rabbit goods! Some of the sites where you can find these codes are CouponCodes4U.com, CouponChief.com and MyVoucherCodes.co.uk. If you visit MyVoucherCode's pages for Clarks vouchers, Debenhams discount code, or Boden  Discount code – you'll note they list several offers you can take advantage of – and all you need to do is click on the green arrows (the coupon code will typically be added to your pasteboard so all you need to do is hit control-V to paste it in the coupon code box OR the deal will be added to your cart/basket automatically!).
  6. Blogs
    There are some great coupon blogs out there that keep tabs on offers that I just don't have time to keep tabs on. Sometimes I wonder where they get all this info! A local blog that I keep tabs on is PocketYourDollars.com. Others include MoneySavingMom.com and DealSeekingMom.com. We also have our own coupon page that you can take advantage of.

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  1. I love all your above lists. I really don’t comprehend why people buy a lot of items they don’t need merely to acquire things for free. I was trying to figure out how to save money for my immediate family.
    My older sister claims that she only buys things that are on sale. Is this the trick?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I think you’re a pro at couponing, and I’m sure I can learn a lot from you.

  2. Coupons are great. I was taught to buy the smallest size you can to get the best deal. The generics or store brands are not bad either. They can be cheaper than a coupon purchase.

    • Great tip about generics.

  3. I also sign up for text coupons with select retailers. I have unlimited texting so there isn’t a charge for me but this may not be a good option for those that pay for texts. Redbox sends at least one code via text each month for a free movie and Lunds and Byerly’s sends text coupons about twice a month. Combined with Lunds & Byerly’s weekly coupons from their e-newsletters, I’ve gotten some really good deals.

    • Hi Mandi – good one! The cell phone is another great way to get those codes! Thx

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