15 Things You Can Learn on YouTube

Aaron AvatarToday it seems that you can learn to do just about anything you can imagine through YouTube. No need to visit the library or “buy the book” – you can watch a 5-minute video and you're good to go! I thought it would be fun to list 15 different things you can learn how to do – just by viewing a video on YouTube. Have fun! 

  1. How to Speed Read – I remember trying to learn to do this once..
  2. How to Cut Your Own Bangs – be careful with this one!
  3. How to Plant a Vegetable Garden in 30 Minutes – now that's fast.
  4. How to Deliver a Baby in the Back of a Taxi – (this is a clean video – a mannequin is used)
  5. How to Improve Your Memory – the guy is a little goofy in this – but good content.
  6. How to Dress for a Job Interview – this is for the guys.
  7. How to Buy a Home – kinda wish I watched this before buying my first house.
  8. How to Make Homemade Mac n' Cheese – I love this stuff. My mom made the best..
  9. How to Get Rid of a Headache – this one is just worth watching for the guy in the video.
  10. How to Wrap a Gift Professionally – boy I've been doing this wrong for quite awhile.
  11. How to Get Better Gas Mileage – one is “don't drive as much” (they do get better).
  12. How to Screenprint Your Own T-Shirts – takes some doing – but the results will be pro.
  13. How to Fuse Plastic Bags into Reusable Grocery Bags – reduce, reuse, recycle!
  14. How to Get Things Done – get er done!
  15. How to Make a Strong Password – simple – but important as we do more and more online.

There's a lot more we can learn online – what are some thing you've learned how to do through YouTube?

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    • Good for you Andy! Funny..

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