5 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

amazon money makingI'm a big fan of Amazon.com. And, they've done well for themselves too, rising for the rubble of the Dot.com Bubble to become a formidable online company. Making loads of money with their Kindle, ebooks and cloud computing – Amazon also gets high marks for customer service.

Through their different business arms – there are plenty of ways for you – the customer – to make money. Here's a few that I know of and have used. Let me know if you've found others!

  1. Selling products
    The most well-known way folks make money through Amazon is by selling books and other goods. And, it's quite easy to do. I've sold loads of books and other items that I've wanted to get rid of pretty quickly and efficiently. One time, I even sold an item to a buyer that got lost during shipment. Amazon covered the loss and returned the money back to the buyer through their A-to-Z Guarantee program.
  2. Mechanical Turk
    This is no work-from-home gimmick – as Amazon provides a service where you can select different tasks that fit your skill sets which you can do at your convenience. Don't expect to get rich quick though. But, it's  still another way to make some side income.
  3. Become an Associate
    Through their Associates program – you can make money every time someone purchases something through an affiliate link that you house on your website or even an email link you send out. Three Thrifty Guys has tried this and has had some success (thanks to our readers!).
  4. Publish and sell an eBook
    Kindle has been wildly successful for Amazon. Along with that has come the rise in eBooks. If you like to write and have something to share with the world – Amazon can be your store front! Just sign-up and become a Kindle Direct Publisher.
  5. Buy stock
    Amazon's stock price has risen steadily as the company has found ways to be profitable. I remember back in the early 90's when the stock was trading in the hundreds of dollars and they weren't even profitable! Today the stock is valued at over $200 and will likely continue to rise as it strengthens itself as the premier online storefront and continues to diversify itself through other offerings.
  6. Amazon Flex Updated 11/5/2015
    Amazon is getting into the delivery business – and you may be able to help. Touting $18-25/hour pay, they are hoping to provide same-day or even quicker delivery to their customers. While not available in all cities yet – you can add your name to the list for when it comes to your town.

Any other ways you have found to make money through the online retailer?

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  1. Glad to see the update on Amazon Flex! Since your last update, Amazon Flex has launched across nearly 20 cities! The majority of deliveries are done for Prime Now and Amazon Restaurant deliveries. The $18-$25 per hour advertised is pretty accurate, although drivers are responsible for their own gas and vehicle expenses. Drivers get to keep 100% of customer tips, which definitely helps to offset (or even exceed) the vehicle costs.

  2. You can also make a decent income with Dropshiping from Amazon. I am working on Dropshiping and becoming a associate!

  3. Nice article, with great information! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve been wondering about alternate money making methods for Amazon. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’m going to look into doing a couple of them myself.

    • Good luck Carrie! :)

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