How to Save Money at Target

targetI have to admit, I’m a big sucker for Target. Ever since I was a kid – I’ve enjoyed shopping there. Being a designer, I appreciate their attention to providing higher-quality, better designed items at a decent price.

Target doesn’t really claim to be the cheapest store out there (like WalMart) – but it can definitely compete with some of the other discount leaders when they run various sales.

There are also other ways to save more money at your local Target store. Here’s a few ways I’ve found to do just that.

Shop the end-caps

It’s a pretty common practice for Target to set some of their on-sale and clearance items at the end of their aisles. Shop the perimeter of the store and you’ll locate these as well.

Sign-up for mobile coupons

All you need to do is text COUPONS to 827438 (TARGET) and you’ll be signed up to receive these. I haven’t had as much luck with these – but they could work for you. Also, they don’t work at

Scour the website

Target has a coupon page devoted to helping you find some decent deals. Just go to to see what they have available before you make a trip. Good thing about Target is they do allow you to use manufacturer coupons on sales items.

Note their after holiday sales schedule

I found this at – but you can save a ton on holiday items after they’re over. And, most of the stores typically adhere to the following format:

50% off – the day after the holiday
75% off – three days after
90% off – a week after

Get a Target Red Card

Target offers up to 5% cash back when you use your card to purchase items on their card. Not a bad deal – plus it’s a debit card (you can also get the credit card).

Price-match policy

Target does allow price matching if you have found a similar item elsewhere. Make sure you bring in that store’s ad or other proof of its price (typically they won’t match another price found online).

Use a reusable bag

I’ve never heard of this before – but Target will give you 5 cents back if you use a reusable tote to bag your stuff. All you have to do is ask the cashier.

Download the Cartwheel app

Recently, Target introduced the Cartwheel app where you can search for coupons/deals on your cell phone, select them and they will sync up to a “barcode” that you have the cashier scan in at checkout. Very slick – and will help you save even more at Target.

Please let me know if you’ve found any other ways you’ve found to save a little more at Target!

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  1. Don’t forget about stacking coupons– you can use a target coupon (from mailer, their website, or their mobile coupons) with a manufacturer’s coupon to increase your savings. Target coupon + manufacturer’s coupon + clearance or sale pricing = some great deals

    • Thanks Kandace!

  2. Is there a known schedule that Target uses to update their coupons? Like, is Sunday a day that they put up new coupons?

    • Hi Carter – I asked Carrie over at – and she said there is no real pre-release of the coupons before Sunday. Sorry :(

  3. I’m into saving money, but I’ve gotta say that the only sure-fire way I’ve ever discovered as far as saving money at Target is to just stay far, far away. Don’t know how, but that place sucks me in every time! :-D

    • I hear you on that! :)

  4. One other thing that has worked for me at Target – If
    an item you previously purchased at Target (I don’t know dates but I
    usually try to get in within the week) goes on sale, Target will refund
    you the difference. We bought our son a DS game for $20 one week and
    on Sunday the game was in the Target roto for $10. We brought the
    receipt to Target on Monday and received a $10 credit on our red card.
    In this case, we were able to get half off an item we purchased
    because we wanted it, not because it was on sale.

    • Thanks Mandi – great thing to keep in mind!

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