Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Series 2 of 3

aaronLet's face it – mother's are great. This is why we are spending a week talking about them and offering you some Mother's Day gift ideas. The one thing my mother always cherished – even though I didn't know why (but am now starting to understand) were hand-made goods. So, the following are some things you can do yourself. Your mother will appreciate it (more than if you got her another gift card to Kohls). :)

Coupon book of freebies
coupon bookYou don’t have to get too carried away with how this is organized or anything. This is more about what’s on the coupons. You can get some paper together – cut ‘em to coupon-like sizes and then staple the sheets together (like shown). You could have coupons for a “lunch on you”, “three hugs”, “family portrait with mom” (my mom would love this), or anything else that is kind of clever and you think your mom might enjoy.

Canvas print
These have been fairly popular – and they look nice too. I’ve done a couple of them for friends and for myself. Once, I blew up a photo of when my mother was a little girl and she was hanging out with her mother, her grandma and brother. It’s a pretty neat picture that looks great on canvas. You could take any photo of your mom – maybe when she was younger – and bring it to a local printer and they’ll blow it up for you and print on any sized canvas you’d like. Then you can stretch it out on a empty stretcher from an art store. I’ve explained how to make one of these in an old post.

frame a sayingFrame a saying
All mom’s have their favorite quotes or saying. You could write it out by hand (if you have decent handwriting) on some nicer paper OR type it out in Word, print it and stick it in a frame.

Make a necklace or bracelet
You don’t even have to be good at crafting here- cuz your mom will love whatever you put together. Go to a bead shop and put together some beads and maybe include a trinket or two that might have some meaning to her. You could probably assemble the whole thing at the store too.

Make a CD compilationcd compilation
Most computers have the ability to burn CDs with music. Grab some of your mom’s favorite songs and load em up on a CD. Maybe include a few that were popular when you were born? For extra credit, you could personalize the cover of the CD and even decorate the jewel case.

Have you got any more ideas? We are giving away a $20 Amazon gift card for the best idea!

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  1. I wanted to list another one. This is fun. You could buy a coupon holder and put all of thier favorite coupons in it. You could also buy them a coupon book such as The Entertainment book for your area. That would be great.

  2. Another cool idea is you could buy a makeup bag at the dollar store or Target ect… to fill. Then you could save cool free samples you get and fill it up. That is fun!!!

  3. As a mom, I feel the BEST gift I can receive is the “gift of time”….a precious present!

  4. One of my favorite low cost gifts was a gift from my niece who was nine at the time. It was her idea to take a picture of my husband, my three year old and my one year old by herself. All three of my boys are smiling but you can tell that the picture is taken almost spontanously as the picture was taken in our messy office with piles of paper in the shot, no one is posed and no matchy-matchy outfits. Four years later I still have the picture, and when I look at it I’m reminded of my niece and how much she loves me and my family.

    Another idea which isn’t very original is the handprint/footprint pictures of kids with dates and messages. We will make handprint messages for the grandmas, and sometimes my husband and I will help the boys make handprints and then have them create a picture using their handprints. It’s amazing how creative kids can be!

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