Creative Mother’s Day Ideas – Series

Creative mother's day ideas

Hey guys, are you aware that Mother's Day is less than a week away?!?! Are you looking for some creative ideas? We'll you came to the right place! Especially if you are one of those “wait til the last minute guys” (<– I'd sometimes include myself in this category), and you are Google searching “quick thrifty mother's day ideas”!

In honor of mother's everywhere, this week Three Thrifty Guys will be offering quick daily ideas to do for Mother's Day.

creative mothers day ideas

Buy a card a day for a week

A friend gave me this idea in college to deliver or mail one card to your significant other every day for a week. Just a small way to let them know you are thinking of them. Maybe even make them yourself on the computer or by hand yourself.

Play ‘The Question Game'

Go back and fourth telling each other things you like about each other. Ends up being really relaxing if you can have some dessert or champagne while playing!

Rent a hot air balloon

I saw this on a episode of the Simpson once where Apu rents a hot air balloon ride for his wife and him, and it makes all the other wives jealous! Be the talk of the neighborhood and rent a hot air balloon ride like Apu!

Make dinner

Get home and make dinner for your spouse. If you have kids, then offer to take car of the kids and make dinner. Tell her to come back in one hour to have her face blown off with the most wonderful dinner. (Advice: make sure you back it up!)

Celebrate mother's day one week early

For some guys who frequently forget birthdays or anniversary's, then this idea might backfire on you! :) Regardless, it has worked for me, and there is nothing better than unexpected waking up to breakfast in bed (one week early).

Buy next year's gift after mother day

This tip will help you save a lot of money on post-mother's day gifts. A lot of times you can get 25-50% off on some of these items.

Daily Deals

Be sure to check out Groupon or Living Social. They have a lot of quick easy gift ideas that are usually 50% off.


If your mother is one who “has it all” – you'll want to aim at an experience here. Perhaps you could visit the town she grew up? Or the church her and your father were married. Another nice gift could be to create a slideshow of pictures, put music to it and upload it to YouTube for her to view.

How do you celebrate Mother's Day?

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  1. i think extreme is crazy

  2. I would love a spa day. I think that’s a much better choice than the traditional flowers

  3. My mom has worked so hard for me and my three brothers. She is always really busy and making sure she does what’s best for us. So, this year, I’m planning on cooking a huge lunch for her. I’m not quite sure what exactly I’m planning on cooking,but she will be so surprised to have a nice meal that she didn’t have to cook. Along with that, we are planning on picking up a newspaper for her in the morning and fixing her her coffee. Then the rest of the day will be spent abiding by whatever she says.:)

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