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Dollar ShelfIsn’t it, THREE Thrifty Guys? Where’s the third thrifty guy – Eddie?

Eddie is on an extended hiatus. We hope he gets back to writing soon, or we may need to change our name.

What do you guys do for a living?

Charlie works as an IT professional and Aaron, as a graphic designer.

What makes you qualified to talk about personal finance?

Aaron: Good question. When TTG was just starting out, TIME did an article called, “Why you should take advice from people who are bad with money“. We were featured in this article due to our experiences with debt – getting out of debt – and learning a lot in the process. I think you can learn a lot from people who have failed and who have managed to get back up again (ie, Dave Ramsey, etc).

Who’s cheaper: Aaron or Charlie?

Charlie: Without a doubt, Aaron. When Aaron opens up his wallet, moths fly out!

Aaron: Charlie. Dude gave blood in college to pay for CDs!

What do you hate spending money on the most?

Charlie: I hate spending money at the dollar bins at Target or Walmart! It’s almost always something you don’t need but is crap and falls apart in a couple of days. Then most of it ends up in a landfill too within a couple of years. Like Aaron’s grandma said in her interview don’t go to the store just to buy crap!

Aaron: Cars. And, I don’t think I’m alone in that. I know they provide value and all – but they’re just money pits.

Who was the most important person in your life in terms of finances?

Charlie: My mom and grandma. My mom from her daily thrifty example and grandma because I saw how the Great Depression influenced her and how she lived her life.

Aaron: My parents. They were never big spenders and were quite conservative with their money. They also showed that money was not the most important thing in life – freely giving generously to church/causes.

What’s the best stock you ever picked?

Aaron: In 1999 I had just returned from living out in California for a winter. There was this donut shop called, Krispy Kreme, and folks there raved about em. I tried em and was hooked. Later that year, when I returned to the Midwest and got a job, I bought some Krispy Kreme stock and it proceeded to split 3 times. (Fortunately I sold before the stock crashed).

What was your first job?

Charlie: Working at the golf course. Picking up balls on the range.

Aaron: Delivering newspapers.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Great idea! I didn’t realize you were featured in a Time article. After reading it, it makes sense to take advice from someone who’s been there before. I think Jim’s words at the end are so true – he says that we should watch those who are a step or two ahead of us. This is great advice because it provides an example of which steps we should take and gives us motivation to get out of debt.

    • Aaron says:

      That was a treat to be included in that article. Yeah – I think that’s important too (follow those who are a few steps ahead of you in the game). I also say to hit up the professionals too – they will provide more specifics about your situation. We’re just trying to share what has/hasn’t worked for us.

  2. Alysa says:

    Oh my word I loved this!! So great to get to know you guys better! Charlie – using your blood to buy CD’s is SHAMEFULLY hilarious and Aaron – I’m totally with you on cars – personally I’d rather buy a jetpack. Thanks for sharing :)

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