Farming During the Great Depression

charlie avatarSince we started more than two years ago I've done a number of articles on the Great Depression. To name a few, “How people survived the Great Depression“, and “How the Great Depression Changed People.”  All of these are because of the impact my Grandparents have had on my life. My Grandpa is 92 years old this year and was born in 1920. He was just 9 years old when the Depression hit, and lost his mom at the age of 12. He frequently talks to me about the Depression, and today I sat down with him to ask him about what it was like farming in Iowa during the Great Depression. Here is the interview:

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  1. Charlie,

    I liked what your grandfather said about helping each other out. We’re missing that today. One family with a surplus doesn’t decide to give some of that surplus away to the neighbour who might need it. The irony is that the gifting family your grandfather spoke of was probably also very poor. He didn’t think anything of this; I can tell by the matter of fact way he said it–referring to the family of ten that he came from. You should make a few more of these Charlie.


  2. One of the greatest gifts our grandparents and parents give us is the “lessons learned” in their life and especially the great depression generation. I hope that we never forget that generation, because once we do, then we’ll probably go through another depression.

  3. I love Grandpa Gerhard. What a treasure.

  4. You’re lucky to still have a grandparent around who will talk to you about these things. What he says about saving for later years is great advice!

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