6 Goofy Things You Can Waste Your Money On

One of my private pleasures (well, not so private anymore) is browsing the web with StumbleUpon. If you’ve never used it, it can be quite the time waster. For a Wednesday, I thought it would be entertaining to show you some of the goofy things I have discovered on StumbleUpon that you can waste your money on! So, without further introduction – my list of the goofiest things you can buy with your money:

toilet paperGlow in the Dark Toilet Paper
Late night camping in the woods or power goes out in the house – don’t be left in the dark when its time to go!

$11 via Amazon


cat wigKitty Wigs
Purrr-fect for your little feline princess, they’re sure to love the extra hair.

$60 via Kitty Wigs



wilford brimleyWilford Brimley Poster
I mean, why not?

$29.99 at Amazon



toilet seat lifterToilet Seat Lifter
For all those occasions when you’re just too lazy to bend a few inches to lift up the seat.

$25 at Amazon


face pillowFace Pillow
Get a loved one’s face imprinted on a pillow and you’ll never feel alone.

$30 from Pillowmob



mushroom kitMushroom Kit
Grow fungus with your very own mushroom kit. Who doesn’t love mushrooms?

$19.94 at Amazon


Have you seen any crazy things lately out there for sale?

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  1. Awesome finds Aaron! It is amazing what people can make money selling. I just noticed the price on the kitty wig though. Are they frickin’ crazy?! $60! Damn. I guess they are trying to maximize the profit from the few people who would actually buy something like that.

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