How to Find a Good Babysitter

charlie avatarMy wife and I have three great kids. Our kids are at a particularly fun stage with our youngest two kids being two and three years old. Recently, my sister posted on Facebook a hilarious video that would best describe the stage our youngest two are going through right now. It's videos like this that remind me of how much my wife (who is a stay at home mom) needs a break when I get home everyday.

How many of you young parents can relate to this? It's a constant reminder of not only how much attention our young children require of us, but also the importance each couple has the need of a good babysitter to get a break. Here are a few options that might help you find a great babysitter, and provide you and your spouse a chance to go on a much needed date night.


Being plugged into a good church can be a great opportunity to find a babysitter. A couple of good options might be either a teenager in the high school ministry, which are always looking to make a few bucks. Or maybe ask the children daycare ministries that are already serving your kids on Sunday mornings. Kids that are already helping out (in taking care of your kids) is a great opportunity to see how they handle kids, and already care about your kids needs. On top of all that, finding a babysitter at church is also good to find someone who has similar beliefs to you, which can help be a big impact into your kids lives as well.

Neighbor kid swap

Do you have neighbors a round that have kids of similar age?  In our neighborhood we have a neighbor who has a 2 year old who we swap babysitting services with all the time. It not only provides a break for each of the families, but it a a free service to each of us. In addition, it nice not having to drive a babysitter back home or having to drive to a different neighborhood to pick up your kids. This way you can spend more quality time together and less time on the road.


Do you have any co-workers with kids that have kids that are 13-18 years old that are looking to make a few bucks? One option for you might be tapping a co-worker for asking if their kids could babysit yours for a few hours. It never hurts to ask…


Back in the 1920's and 1930's I don't know how people survived without babysitters, but from talking to my Grandparents they always stressed the importance of relying on family members to provide a break. In today's age I think our pride gets in the way of us asking our parents or siblings to watch our kids for us. Most often though they are more than happy to do these acts of services for each other. It also stresses the importance of asking of inserting ourselves in their family's lives too, and volunteer to watch their kids as well. I know for Christmas, my parents gave us a one of the best gifts in an Olive Garden gift card, and a certificate for one whole night of watching the kids. For my wife and I this will provide us an opportunity to have a break and also plan out what we want to do with and for our kids in the next few months. Sometimes its just great to get away, and clear your heads too.

I hope these options for finding a babysitter will be helpful for you, but more importantly I'd like to hear from our readers on how you find a great babysitter. What are your ideas?

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  1. Haha… that’s one of my favorite clips ;)

    • Funny stuff!

  2. Ya good point, Jeremy! It’s always beneficial to know the people that are taking care of your kids!

  3. Yes with all the responsibilities that go into being a parent, you definitely need a break from the kids occasionally. You’ve listed some great ways to find a good babysitter. You don’t want to be putting out a classified ad and trusting random strangers with your kids. It is best if it is someone that you already know or are somehow connected with. It helps if there is that extra accountability. Plus those people might not expect as much money for their services.

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