Where to Find DVDs for Less Money

cheap dvdsSo, here's a specific question: Where do you find DVDs for cheap?

I'm not a huge movie watcher, but when we have some down-time, it's fun to watch a show with the family and/or just the misses and I.

Sometimes, these movies are real gems. There have been a few over the years that I've really wanted to purchase and have as a keepsake.

Some of the movies on that list:

  • Follow the Sun (most won't know this one – it's the story of golf legend, Ben Hogan)
  • Memphis Belle
  • The Assassination of Jesse James
  • Cinderella Man
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Shawshank Redemption

When I do go to purchase these though – I really don't want to pay full price. So, I'm always on the lookout for good deals. Here's a few places I check when looking for cheap DVDs:

  1. Video store. While the number of video stores is dwindling due to the on-demand media that is available like, Hulu, Netflix and Red Box – there are still a few of these out there.  After many uses or an over-supply, a lot of decent DVDs get put up for sale. Sometimes you can even find new DVDs for sale  in a discount bin. There's some great finds to be had there for cheap.
  2. Retail stores. A lot of times retail stores will also have an over-supply of different DVDs and will also put these in a discount bin. You can usually find these near the electronics section and they'll often go for under $5.
  3. Libraries. Local libraries are known to have book sales now and then. During those sales, they'll typically offer other media for sale too, which includes old CDs and DVDs.
  4. Garage Sales. No brainer here..
  5. Online. There are many websites out there that offer cheap DVDs*.
  6. Thrift stores. My mother-in-law loves buying DVDs. Many of them, she finds at local thrift stores for a pretty affordable price.

Any other places I'm missing where you can get a cheap DVD? What are some of your must-have movies?

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  1. Pawn shops carry them cheap as well.

  2. What’s a VHS? :) Whenever I go to grocery stores, I see DVD’s on sale @ the check-out line selling for $15. I can’t believe people still buy DVD’s for $15!

  3. Wait, people still watch DVD’s? :)

    • Haha! I’ve still got my VHS too! :)

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