When Someone Gives You a Gift They Cannot Afford

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We recently were gifted some money from an acquaintance, who – quite frankly – can’t afford it. I mean, they’ve been struggling with their finances for as long as I can remember. And when they “came into” some money, they decided to give us some of it.

Now, I know many of you are like, “just take it – and don’t complain! Be thankful!” Right?

But there is a part of me (and we have already tried to tactfully give it back) that doesn’t feel right about this. They constantly struggle to make their house payment almost every month due to mismanagement of their money!

Here’s the options we have – as I see it:

Give the money back. Since they aren’t open to taking it willingly, I thought we could just take the cash and put it in an envelope and drop it off at their door one night. Stealthy huh?

Keep it. Just accept the gift for what it is and be grateful. Don’t try and challenge the gift. They are responsible for their money and how they deal with it.

Keep it – but put it in a savings account for when they might need it. While the person hasn’t really asked us for money in the past – we know they could’ve used some. And though they’ve run into some money this time – we don’t believe this is going to solve their money management issues. We thought about putting it into savings and then giving it back to them when they might need it again.

So, given the options that are available – what would you do?

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  1. Ray says:

    Keep it and put it into savings. I have been given money from relatives that couldn’t afford it before. I have kept it till they ask for it, and then return it. People who don’t manage their money well, they will be back to look for it, and then some.

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