Uncommon Ways to Make Money

waste removalDriving through our neighborhood during Halloween, I noticed several signs advertising homes-turned-haunted-houses. I don't believe I had ever seen this amount of haunted “homes” before in our area.

Halloween is big business. Last year alone, American's spent $5.8 billion on the holiday. This was up about 17% from the year before!

Which got me to thinking…how many other unique and uncommon ways are there to make money? These folks turned a  growing business (Halloween goods/services) – into a uncommon money-maker (haunted homes).

So without further explanation, here's a few uncommon ways to make money:

  • Cabin Sitter. I first saw an ad for this business on the side of a truck while driving around one day. In Minnesota, this is an interesting business idea. There are lots of folks who own cabins up north. In the winter – they often stand idle – so it's good to have someone who can go and check on them now and then.
  • In-home Elderly Care. I thought this was a very noble business – and a great alternative to nursing homes. Visiting Angels is just one thriving business in this sector.
  •  Videographer at a Driving Range. Being a golfer – I know how people love to improve their games. But few actually get the opportunity to see themselves in action. I'm pretty sure you could set up a table at a local driving range, shoot video of people's swings and then send them a YouTube video for a nominal fee.
  • Resume Reviewer. If you have good writing skills and a knack for editing – this may a great side business. I think most peoples resumes (mine included) could use some help. An extra pair of unbiased eyes may be what's needed.
  • Guest Posting. Also in the writing arena – many popular blogs will pay for fresh content that is centered around a particular subject. It helps too, if you are considered an expert in the area or at the least, experienced in a niche.
  • Dog Poopy Picker-upper. I couldn't believe it when I first saw an ad for this waste removal service. It may be a dirty job, but who doesn't hate to pick up the poo? May not be as fun in the winter time however (or profitable).
  • View Ads. Advertisers are really trying to get the most bang for their buck these days. And, they are spending a lot more on “targeted” media. New services such as Varolo – help these advertisers reach intended audiences. And you can get helped too – in the wallet! Sign up at Varolo and you can make extra money just by watching participating advertiser commercials!

There's more unique ways to make money out there. What have you found that was a bit odd?

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  1. Love these ideas! Another great way that people can make money @ home is by testing new products that are out there. One site that we used is called “usertesting”. There are tons of ways to make money, just gotta do your research!

    • Thanks Kevin! I’ll have to check that site out too.

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