Our Top Posts of 2011

Aaron AvatarWe'd like to wrap up the year with our most popular posts. These are the “top” posts by nature of their page views – so in essence, you the reader, have given them their status.

We're also interested in what others have to say out there and will end with some posts of 2011 that we have found helpful or entertaining in the personal finance/thrifty world of blogging.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to include a link to some of your favorite posts that you have enjoyed this past year!

  1. Is Eating Out vs Eating In Cheaper?
  2. When and Why Do I Have to Pay Back My First-time Homebuyer Credit
  3. 6 Things You Can Do Online to Make More Money
  4. 2011: The Year of the Raise
  5. How I Handle the Person Asking For Money On the Street
  6. Why You Should Never Pay Full Price For Gift Cards
  7. 5 Things You Should Do Before Jesus Comes Back Tomorrow
  8. Thrifty Gift Ideas For the Thrifty Guy
  9. Why I Use a Check Register
  10. Why We Feel So Cash Strapped

And then here are some posts around the web-o-sphere:

We wish you all the best in 2012!

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