How to Say Thanks After Christmas

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“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” – Ambrose of Milan

My mother taught me early on to show appreciation when we were gifted something. We often would write thank you notes right after birthdays and Christmas. Giving thanks was an “urgent” matter.

To this day – I still try and acknowledge and show my appreciation for gifts. I’m not as quick as when I was young – but I do think it’s one of the most important acts we do in receipt of others generosity.

Today, saying thanks can be done a lot quicker in the digital age. While it may not be as personal as the written note – you can still add meaning to it and make it real.

Here are some ideas we have for giving thanks after the biggest gift-receiving holiday of em all: Christmas:

  • Jot a note. I don’t think anything beats the handwritten thank you note. Even today when communication is almost all digital, a handwritten letter is still top of my list for offering thanks.
  • Phone call. I think most folks still like to receive a phone call from a loved one and hear their gift arrived safely and it was appreciated. The phone call doesn’t have to be long – but just make er sincere and let them know how the gift will be used or how it affected you.
  • Email or text. These are probably the thank-you vehicles of choice today. As I mentioned, not as personal as the first two, but by adding details about the gift and/or how the gift connected with you emotionally, it will make the email or text come more from the heart.
  • Shoot a quick video. With YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites and the user-friendly ability to capture video on most point and shoot cameras, a quick 30 second video to the giver is a unique and fun solution to offering thanks.
  • E-card. Another unique way to say thanks is via e-cards. You can find these at most greeting card retailer’s websites – and most are free.

Do you have other ways you express your thanks? However you do it, make it a point to be timely and personable.

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