How to Get a Good Deal on Rental Cars

Thought I would throw a video into the mix here and show you how I go about finding cheaper deals online for rental cars.

I usually start my search out at Travelocity. My brother taught me this one awhile back, as it helps you price compare all the rental car companies.

After you get a good sense for what the going rates are – select a company that you'd like to go with and head over to your favorite coupon code site. I typically use Coupon Chief, but there are others out there.

Once there, do a search to find a code you can use at the rental car company's website. You want to make sure their site takes coupon codes first (most will). And, many rental companies have a “deal section”, so check to see if there are any other offers you can take advantage of too.

Some will also reward you for paying early.

Like in the video – you'll be shown several options for car sizes. Select the one suitable for your needs and book it.

That's it! I'm sure there are more seasoned travelers out there who have a few tricks up their sleeves. What are some things you employ to make sure you aren't paying too much?

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