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  1. That’s where US residents actually have an advantage.

  2. Ever heard of I used to use a checkbook register and was quite fond of it and like you said used it to record atm transactions, debit card, credit card, etc. Now, I keep all my financials in a free software google app called and it is fabulous. My husband loves the security and privacy but it groups all of our financial accounts and updates them everytime we log in. I do still have a checkbook register but I only have it to record checks written and then mark them when cleared so it doesn’t function as my financial status report as it used to.

    • Hey Katy – yup, Mint is great. I used it a year or so ago, but grew frustrated with it because it didn’t have a lot of my accounts on file, so I was constantly updated them. I’m sure they’ve gotten better since then.

  3. Yes I still use the checkbook register and probably always will! Like you said, I like that I have a real time look at what is going in and out. In addition to keeping the checkbook register, I also manage my spending online w/ Adaptu so I can see if I’m keeping in line with my budget.

    • Hey Jenny – I’m glad I’m not alone in this :)

  4. I use a check register for transactions I do while I am away from home, but then record them in Quicken. For things I do at home (Billpay, online payments, etc.) I just record directly in Quicken.

    • I’ve heard a lot of people like Quicken. Would like to try it out someday.

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