7 uses for cardboard rolls

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There are some great uses for those cardboard rolls left behind after utilizing that last sheet of toilet paper or paper towel. Here’s a few ways we use them. Feel free to add some of your own!

  1. Storage for power cords. A great way to store and label all those power cords is to wrap them up and then store them in a paper towel roll. You can label their length too right on the outside.
  2. Papier-mache. I’m no craft expert, but cardboard makes a great base for your papier-mache projects.
  3. Pet toys. My wife inserts different goodies inside a leftover toilet roll, seals it up and puts it in our rabbit’s cage. It keeps the rabbit occupied for an hour or two. I’m sure cats would love it too.
  4. Making candles. Use the rolls to provide structure for your wax when making candles.
  5. Kindling. A great way to help start a fire is to fill an old roll with some dry sticks/kindling and put at the base of your wood to get er going.
  6. Scoop for bird feed. All you need to do here is to cut a half oval out of the end of the roll, close up the other end and use it to transfer seed to your feeders.
  7. Binoculars. Great little project for the kids! Grab two rolls and attach them to make a great toy.

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  1. Glenda says:

    I have used toilet paper rolls to make non-popping Christmas poppers. Cut them in half, hold together (even with a tiny piece of tape) and roll in festive tissue paper (not too much), leaving several inches at each end. Twist one end of the paper and tie with a small piece of curling ribbon. Fill with goodies and such. Twist other end and tie off. To open, grasp each end, twisting in opposite directions to tear the tissue paper and make the goodies fall out. We even put the pieces to a small 24 piece puzzle in them and had a contest on who could put them together the fastest.

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