The benefits of a saving man

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In the March 1920 issue of The Rotarian, John Poole wrote an article entitled, “Success! It’s Up to You!”. He writes about the importance of being a “thrifty” man and saving. I thought it would be neat to share a few of his quotes from this article – which are still very appropriate for today’s living.

The practice of saving money gives an upward tendency to life, improves a person’s outlook on life, and has a healthful reaction upon all his faculties.

When one learns to save regularly he has advanced well on the road to success.

…you must learn to save first and spend afterward.

Be resolute in your determination not to go into debt. Bear in mind that the big thing is to take the amount you are going to save right off the top of your entire pay.

Numerous benefits accrue to the thrifty man.

You owe it to yourself to at least live within your means. You owe it to your community to live within your means. It is far better that you do more than that – spend less than you earn.

Here’s to spending less than we make – and saving for the benefit of ourselves and our fellow brother and sister!

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