How to save more money in the summer months

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I love summer. After being cooped up for about 6 months straight, summer is a very refreshing time here in Minnesota. I tend to think the winters (especially tough ones like the last) give me a better appreciation for the warm season.

The summers can also be a season of savings. We usually see our utilities drop significantly as we use less of everything – from gas used for the furnace to electricity for heaters.

Here’s a few other things you can do to keep a few more bucks in your pocket this summer:

  • Avoid the health club. There’s nothing more draining on your income than a monthly membership that you hardly use (if that is the case). At the same time, health clubs provide a lot of activities you can get elsewhere for free, like running outside and riding your bike. Savings: $40-100/mo.
  • Unplug. That is, unplug a lot of your appliances you aren’t using from the wall. A recent report talked about the heavy drain a cable box is on electricity. Unplug to save!
  • Check that AC. As you are running your air conditioner on warmer days, be sure to examine the outside unit. Is it free of debris? Are plants surrounding it? Obstructions around the unit will cause it to run less efficiently, costing you money.
  • Walk to work or carpool. No-brainer here. If you live close to your work, try the bike or walk. Or, coordinate a group at your work where you can share driving and/or gas costs.
  • Cheap entertainment. In the summer our city holds numerous free concerts and activities for everyone. Check out your city’s website for their calendar of events. You’re sure to find a great way to spend an evening on the cheap.

What do you do to save money in the summer?

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