Why you should never pay full price for gift cards

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Today, gift cards seem to be the new default gift of choice. Who knows why this is but over $65 billion is spent annually on gift cards – in the U.S. alone. Of that, nearly 7 billion goes unclaimed!

Which is why if you’re buying them for your special someone, you want to make sure they’ll use them – and, at the same time, not pay full price.

Today, there are several great resellers of gift cards online. I recently checked a few out online, and want to share my findings:

This is one of the first I signed up for and tried out. I wanted to sell a couple gift cards that I probably will never use. Cardpool has a very easy site to navigate around – and they make it easy to sell and buy cards. The price is what you see. They do not charge any fees for purchasing cards through the site – nor do they charge any shipping and handling. B+

Cardwoo’s site isn’t as appealing nor user-friendly as Cardpools on first impression. It feels more like  a fly-by-night operation. The card buying experience seems easy enough – but when you go to sell, you first have to create an account. Like Cardpool, they also have free shipping/handling. C

Plastic Jungle
This site is probably the most well-known of the gift card resellers/purchasers. It’s overall design and navigation is friendly and easy to use. They offer instant funding for a select group of retailers if you want to sell any cards. They offer comparable rates for buying and selling as the other two sites. B

Gift Card Granny
Another great website to check out that will give you price comparisons of gift cards from various resellers, is Gift Card Granny. They also sell cards at – what seems to be – more of a discounted rate than the others. Although they do not buy gift cards, they do compare other sites’ rates for you. B+

Most of these discount gift card retailers are selling cards at 8-15% less than their face value. This is much better than paying full price on the card through each merchant. Plus, most of the sites will pay for shipment.

Any other good gift card resellers out there?

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