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Aaron AvatarI recently listened to a great teleseminar given by Laura Adams (also known as the Money Girl). During the call, Laura covers – what I believe – one of the most important topics pertaining to money management and getting your financial house in order: money mindset.

This blog and others like it can provide you with lots of personal finance advice and quick tips to help you save a buck or two – but without a solid foundation in place, it's very easy to plateau and never really make any important changes and advances in your financial life.

It's why I believe the topic that Laura discussed last week to be so vital. Even before you start putting a budget in place or start your debt snowball – you need to figure out and address your mindset as it relates to money.

Some of the helpful things Laura discusses in her hour-long seminar included:

  • Addressing what you would like to have happen with your money – and why haven't you already done it.
  • Clearly identifying your values. Laura believes discovering your values is one of the most important steps you can take in money management. Your values will set the course for your financial future.
  • Have goals – and keep the “end” in mind.
  • “Outsmart yourself” by automating your finances. Have your company take out money for 401k. Participate in direct deposit and have some of that money put into savings.

These are just some of the things her seminar addressed. I would highly recommend checking out her talk. Feel free to come back and share what you learned.

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  1. You’ve got great insights about millionaire mindset, keep up the good work!

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