A few thrifty do-it-yourself tips

Last week, while waiting for my car to get fixed, I was thumbing through the lastest edition of The Family Handman magazine. There were a few thrifty tips I came across I felt were noteworthy enough to share. I hope they help!

  • Ever reach for the clear packaging tape and then soon find yourself fumbling to get the edge of the tape off the roll? Frustrating! To alleviate this, place a paper clip horizontally across the unstuck end. You’ll never have to waste another minute getting a piece of tape!
  • Here’s a great tip for keeping your extension cords organized, and labeled. Using old paper towel or toilet paper cardboard leftovers, stuff your wrapped up extension cords in them. Then, label each with how long each is. Don’t forget a power cable cover.
  • My jumper cables are in a tangled mess in the trunk of the car. Easy way to alleviate this is to coil the cables around the spare tire.
  • Those large clamps to hold together your glued projects can be a bit pricey. Another solution is to use bankers clips. They can be just as durable and not as expensive.
  • Have trouble keeping track of all those loose screws and bolts? One reader suggested putting similar pieces together in an individual plastic bag and then hanging them near your work bench.
  • If you are always misplacing a pen or pencil around your work area, create your own pencil holder out of pvc. For the bottom, get a cap to fit your size at a local home improvement store.

Any other thrifty DIY tips?

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